Sumire was fell into silence, cheeks burning in red. She was unable to move on her place as Mr. Aslanov eyed her intently, no emotions cruising in his dark pair of emerald eyes. She shyly looks away. His fixed gaze gave her an uncomfortable feeling. She couldn't meet his eyes.

The deafening silence flooded inside the office suite. The maiden could hear her heart thumping loudly on her chest. Her knees went jelly.

"But I am not sexually attracted to you."

Simple and straightforward, he said. It was plain and sounded harsh but sexy at the same time.

"So, you are romantically attracted to me."

Sumire quickly stares and meet his intense gaze. 'What a straight-faced man.' She utters in her mind.


He bluntly said and there's no hint of lies that can be heard in his tone. Damn, his honesty truly hurts! but that didn't stop her.

Sumire incredulously eyed him and raised an eyebrow at the man sitting in a Bossy posture. Neat, unbothered, and hot.

"Ah, I
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