Inside the darkened master's bedroom suite and only moonlight beams lit the corners of the room, gasps and moans echoed and lingered in the air.

"I'm still sore, Mort. ugh..." Sumire let out an erotic groan when he gyrated inside her.

"I know, but I'll be gentle." Grabbing her waist up, Mort positioned himself between her parted legs and entered her. Teasing her wet core, he shoved his shaft deep into her, grunting with every thrust. Sumire felt nothing but pleasure. She moans in pure bliss and lets out guttural gasps, aching for more.

Mort works on her body, licking, kissing her neck down, and teasing her earlobe. He was moving in a perfect rhythm while hands massaging her busts when Sumire's phone suddenly rings.

"Answer it," Mort utters in a low and raspy tone and lets out a feral moan as he continues to do her, moving in and out of her glistened pearl in a steady pace.

"Are you serious? You're inside me...aahh..." Sumire couldn't stop herself from moaning at the pleasure Mort gav
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