After a long minute of conversation, the door opened and the two men spat out of the guest room but the hot air of hostility never left them. The ladies waiting for them on the couch were slightly frowning, curious at what they are talking about. They can feel the tension heat up that didn't even subside. Sumire was playing on her fingers, worried sick of Mort. From the looks of her father she knew right away, he dislike the man.

The men sauntered the place oozing power and authority. Chaise walked towards his wife, Lunaire while Mort standing taller was tailing him behind. Sumire was about to approach the hunk but stop when Chaise eyed her with a warning, indirectly saying something worst will happen if she go near Mort. The maiden felt her throat dry up, feet nails to the cold floor as the heavy tension between the two men intensified.

"Let's eat first-"

Eiryss who had just come out from the kitchen carrying a tray of juice and cookies was stunned to see them gathered in the living r
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