The loud silence reigns in the corner of the place. Surrounded by the Puppeteer's men, Mort was writing the formula on paper. A broad grin plastered on Narco's face. That smirk of his brought out a sense of mischief and eyes gleamed in excitement waiting for Vladimir's next action. Hands bind with a chains, Klauss just frowned, staring at Mort's hand wrote something on the paper.

'Is he really willing to give the formula just for that witch?' Klauss asked in his mind while eyes squinted as he played in his imagination the scene where Sumire's head was in the cockroach's body, screaming to be spared while he sprayed it with a cockroach killer.

Klauss grinned like a psycho at the thought. Mischa and Leroy are nervously looking at Mort. Lyric, on the other hand, was waiting for what Narco would do as he looked back and forth between Mort and Narco. He elbowed Narco but was stopped when a deadly look of the Puppeteer's men around locked on them.

Everyone is alert and cautious, watching e
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