Marry a cripple

"Are you really sure you are willing to do anything In exchange for keeping your mother alive?" Sabrina asked, looking at Jenny disdainfully.

   "Yes Aunt, anything, I will do it provided my mother will be saved" she assured and Sabrina told her to stand up and clean her tears. Jenny did, happy that at least there's light in her tunnel.

   "You'll marry Eduardo Anderson" Sabrina declared and Jenny was shocked. Marry Eduardo Anderson? Why? She looked from her aunt to her cousin and it appeared they did not give a damn about what she was feeling at the time.

   "But.. Betty. was going... to marry him tomorrow" Jenny stammered. That she said she was going to do anything doesn't mean she should steal her cousin's future husband.

   "Remember you are the one who wants to save your dying mother not me" Betty said flippantly and kept browsing with her phone.

   Jenny was lost. Everyone knows that Eduardo Anderson is cripple and has a hot temper. A daughter from the Davis family was to marry Eduardo Anderson, something that has been known since they were kids.

   But a year ago, Eduardo was involved in an accident that left him cripple and confined to a wheelchair. Above that, he was said to be hot tempered as well.

   And now, these two want her to be married to a cripple. Betty is the youngest though, but because her parents were in charge of the Davis wealth and property, their daughter Betty should be the one to get married before her.

   Her parents were the ones alive; they own the riches of the Davis family. Why should she be the one to marry Eduardo Anderson?

   The rule was that, the parents in the Davis family will marry their daughter off to the billionaire Anderson's son. In every sense of the word, Betty should be the one marrying that man not her.

    "Are you ready to accept my kind offer or watch your mother die?" Sebrina asked and Jenny nodded, as her tears flowed down her cheeks.

  Camilla couldn't eat much. Her hands were shaking. She wants to leave at once. The menacing stares coming from Emma and the hostile ones coming from Lola, makes her feel the temperature of the room was too hot for her skin.

   She looked around and saw that the air conditioner was on. Why was she feeling so hot despite the cool air? No one else was sweating except her.

   As she kept looking fidgeting, Lola couldn't hide her hatred for the trash and she yelled at her "Get up!" And quickly Camilla stood up, before Rodrigo could hold her down, she was up and walking out quickly.

   "Camilla!, Camilla!" Rodrigo called her, standing up and going after her. He was going to pursue her when his grandfather called him back and ordered him to sit down.

   "What's that for? Do you really have to chase my girlfriend away? Rodrigo was furious. How can his mother do that to him? Sending his girlfriend away and his grandfather stopping him from pursuing her.

   Dropping his cutleries, Lola said "this is disrespectful to bring such a low class trash to share in our table. You have insulted this family enough, and I can't stand you doing more" 

   Rodrigo was furious. Emma was happy. Inwardly she had expected Lola to send that thing out through that door immediately she walked in.

   She was going to see how first class her idiocy was until she saw Lola do what she ought to have done a long while ago. Stupid rich people who doesn't know how to impose their will on their damn son.

   "If you want to go after her, I am not stopping but you have to listen to me. Kim and I have been friends since childhood.

    Martin's daughter is Kim's granddaughter. I am not seeking your opinion, I am ordering you to marry Emma. Prepare for the engagement ceremony between now to the next three months'' Larry Campbell declared.

   Why should he seek his opinion? He must do whatever he ordered him to do after all, he could get him where he can't refuse him, take the position of the President from him and give it to his cousins.

  "I love Camilla alone, dad. How can you ask me to marry Emma when I don't love her?" Rodrigo gave an excuse.

   "Love? I didn't love your grandma when I married her. I grew to love after we were married. So forget about the four letter word called Love and start making preparations for your engagement ceremony" Larry Campbell declared.

    "I am not getting married to anyone except Camilla,"Rodrigo declared and walked away briskly. He has to go after Camilla. He can't let her wonder about the road side.

   When Rodrigo came out, Camilla was gone, out of sight already. He dialled her number and at the same time Joel went to get the car,he didn't need to be told what to do at such a time.

   Camilla's phone was ringing, but she didn't answer it. She knew the fellow calling was definitely Rodrigo, she is not willing to talk to him.

   Joel brought the car and Rodrigo got in " Drive fast and find Camilla" he ordered. His aura was cold and his eyes were breathing fury.

   " Yes boss" Joel responded and drove out of the gate of the glass house and Rodrigo was glancing around, trying to find Camilla.

   But the latter had run as fast as her legs could carry her. She was scared and regretted following Rodrigo to his family house.

   She had told him she didn't want to go but he insisted and saw how much embarrassment he had caused her. She's poor and has no name in the community, sometimes she sees herself as a nobody.

   How can she withstand it if those people decided to come after her and her family? Can Rodrigo defend her against his grandfather and mother?

  And besides, his fiance's family are wealthy as well. She is the only one who doesn't have what it takes to contend with the mighty, she can't push her luck too far.

   It was better for them to go their separate ways. She sobbed as she eventually arrived home. She couldn't hide her tears and she ran off to her room.

   Her mother wasn't feeling too well so she didn't go to her coffee shop. She was surprised to see Camilla arrive home so early. This was supposed to be the lunch hour and not the close of the work day.

   Seeing she hurried her steps and went into her bedroom, she followed her to ask what happened to her. 

   She got into Camilla's room and saw her sobbing. Sara drew closer and didn't say anything but hugged her. It was as if Camilla's tears had just begun.

   She sobbed and sniffled, she poured out her troubled emotions and eventually calmed down herself. Sara pulled her to a seat, and sat beside her.

   " Camilla my child, what happened, why are you like this?" She asked, her eyes showing signs of tears as well. She doesn't like when she sees any of her children like this.

   She may not be Camilla's birth mother, but she raised her and she in return has regarded her as the only mother she would ever have.

   Camilla told her mother about everything that happened in the glass house and Sara cleaned the tears in her own eyes.

   " You may not have a rich family or parents who are from an aristocratic family, but you are not inferior to anyone, my child. You are the best daughter in the world and would definitely be a great wife to Rodrigo.

   Hold on, don't lose hope, everything is going to be fine. Someday, Rodrigo's family will realise how wrong they were to have judged with physical substance and not the well of treasure in you.

   That day, they will give their support to their son being with you. They will find themselves to be the luckiest family to have you as a daughter in-law" Sara consoled her and wiped her tears off with her index finger.

   She wished she could give her kids such a life. Make them one of the kids who can walk the street with their heads raised up and their shoulders high.

   She never got such a chance in life. She is a poor widow who is struggling with her kids to make ends meet. She feels bitter the most when situations like this come across her kids and she can't do anything because she is poor, not able to say anything.

   They live in a community where only the rich are regarded as humans and those who don't belong to their class are regarded as filth. That's the World they lived in and that is the society where she grew up and her children were raised.

   Camilla nodded. She felt relieved and better and just then there was a knock on the door. Sara told Camilla she would get the door and went out.

   Few minutes later, Rodrigo was standing in front of Camilla's room,with a cold stare glaring at her angrily.

   "Why?" Rodrigo asked, and stood staring at Camilla. The later turned her back to him and sniffled quietly:


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