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Darren and Ludwig bathed quickly, and Favian let Richard take his time with Oliver. The two pups were dressed in their pyjamas and ready for their nightly tutoring session with Favian before going to bed.

As a beta werewolf, Favian never thought he would be doing omega duties. In a regular pack, the alpha was in charge of leading hunts. The beta was in charge of watching the alpha’s rear while the deltas split their chores between protecting the den and hunting with the alpha. It was usually the omega’s task to nurture the pups back home.

At work, Favian Beowulf was known as the demonic secretary who turned any unfavourable situation into a favourable one using unspeakable methods. He was the bad cop in the company who supported the angelic CEO Taleman that many admired. In reality, it wasn’t that far-fetched. Although Favian did not have a po

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