Situations of disagreement

I made my way to Mr. Miller's cabin and stayed back to avoid being seen eavesdropping in on their talk. As I stood in the shadows, I could hear a female voice scream. The stillness of the hallways made it easier to concentrate on what was being spoken.

"Darcus, what are you doing keeping that lady near to you? I told you to break off all ties with her." Said a woman's voice.

"When it comes to that lady, I'm not interested in her; it's just business. So don't interfere, mom." Mr. Miller's voice was icy.

"The stoic mask you wear hides your true feelings, and as your mother, I'm tired of you lying to me about it. Don't you still have emotions for her, despite the effort I've put into erasing the bond?" Then, in a rage, she said.

"It's time to go, Mom; you need to get out of here because I have work to do." However, Mr. Miller's remarks have a colder undertone of underlying resentment.

"Fine, but don't think I'll let this issue go. You meet me at home,

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