Chapter 12

Minnow shifted her weight from one foot to the other as the guests sang the celebration song at a deafening volume.

The unpleasant feeling of being stared at intensified as more people entered her field of vision. She was surrounded from every angle on a razor's edge of panic.

Minnow glanced furtively over the shoulder with an urge to run, but where to?

Aiko's thoughts and her very different personality exploded through Minnow's mind. She was feeding on Minnow's fears and anxieties, using them to become stronger.

Aiko pried among Minnow's memories, ridiculing her for being a weak pacifist. They were nothing alike.

Their voices conflicted among themselves—within Minnow's head.

"Regretting sending me away?" Aiko's voice echoed smugly.

"Never. I am handling it, ok, so leave." Minnow took one long, slow, deep breath as she endeavoured to convince herself that her fast reply was true.

"Look at you all sweaty and stressed. You are pathetic." Aiko snickered.

"Leave. I don't need you", Min
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