Never been better.

Sarah pov

If my best friend was near me now, he'd claim I was suicidal to climb down the tree, right into the arms of a shifter. Not just any other shifter, but a werewolf Alpha. Literally the worst of the whole kind. 

Since luck hasn't been on my side for a while, it's not on my side now. I lose my grip on the branch. 

Anyone, literally anyone, would have their instincts kick in, but it wouldn't be me if something like that happened. Instead of reaching for another branch, I squeeze my eyes shut and let my body fall. 

I expect a wave of pain to shoot through my body the moment it collides with the ground, but that doesn't happen. Instead, a pair of strong arms hold me against a rock-hard chest. 

My breath gets caught in my throat. Damn it, why does he have to smell so good?

"Hey, you good?" Luka whispers. 

I think I sense concern in his voice, but I quickly shake off the thought. There's no way a person I attacked would be worried about me. 

I take a sharp breath and hide the strange attraction to his damn scent. "Never been better," I snarl sarcastically. Just in case the dog takes my words as a compliment and disregards the sarcastic undertone, I add: "Come to think of it, I'd feel a lot better if you'd let go of me." 

"And here I was, thinking I'd get a thank you, or at least a kiss, for saving you for the second time in a row." 

I ignore his words as Luka lets me back to my feet. But he doesn't stop there; the dog goes even further and pulls down my dress. "Sorry, I doubt I could focus on anything but your ass if I didn't hide it." He winks at me, turns his back and slowly walks back towards the direction of the damn club. 

"Fucking perv," I mutter under my breath, cross my arms in front of my chest and take a step toward him. 

"I heard that," he laughs. I hate how melodic and inviting his laugh sounds- it's almost too good to be true. 

"And I was hoping you would," I call out to him. 

As Luka strides deeper into the woods, I stop and scan my surroundings. Is it too late to leave this territory? I'd be risking a lot if I crossed the borders, but it's not like it wouldn't be the first time I run. 

It's a part of my life, and my appearance here is purely coincidental. I didn't intend to hide among the wolves, but Cade wanted to see me, and I happened to lose track of time. 

I could, of course, crash with him and his new boyfriend, but I don't want to make them feel uncomfortable in their home. 

Besides, my main goal was to catch Cade's cheating ex, kick his ass, and give the guy a lecture about the treasure of a man he lost just because he couldn't hold his dick locked behind the zipper. 

I try to remember Cade's address when a voice brings me back to reality. "Have you changed your mind? It happened sooner than I expected," Luka is way too close for me to feel comfortable, and I can't say his arm sneaking around my waist is reassuring either. 

I assume he's doing it to mess with me, but I nearly jump when he presses his erection against my back. Damn, the height difference is pretty impressive. I can assume the size is impressive in all the right places, but I can't hold the thought. 

I've never been into shifters, let alone wolves and freaking Alphas, so this won't be the day things take a drastic turn in my life. I promised myself that I wouldn't go down the same path as my late mother- no monster would control my life or my needs. No Alphas - none!

I take a deep breath and shake off the uneasy feeling left by my thoughts. 

"I'm just thinking. There's no need to shove your dick in my back, by the way," I seize the opportunity while the dog-man can't see me and roll my eyes. 

I know how Alphas are. They don't tolerate disrespect, certainly not from someone who doesn't belong to their species. 

A deep, throaty chuckle leaves his lips. "Ah, I see. So you're the type who likes to rub up against a cock, but gets all coy and innocent as soon as it pokes you in the back, huh? Cute." 

I don't know what I expect from him, but it's definitely not his hand ruffling my hair. What the hell does he think I am? A pet or a child? 

I spin my body around, ignoring the tight grip around me. Our bodies are too close, and if it were another person, I'd probably enjoy every moment of feeling him. 

I force my finger against his chest and snarl, "I'm not cute, and you know it! I'm fierce and vicious! I beat your ass once, and I could easily do the same thing again! Do you want a repeat of what happened at the club? I'm more than willing to repeat the experience." 

My threats don't move the Alpha. He grabs my hand and brings my finger to his lips, licking and sucking it in. 

My eyes widen in shock. What the hell is wrong with him? That's it! From now on, he is no longer a werewolf Alpha but a pure piece of horndog in my eyes. 

I yank my hand out of his grip and glare at him. 

"Oh, calm down," Luka lets go of me and takes a step back. "I had to pull you out of that weird state somehow. Come on, we need to get out of here," Luka grabs my hand and pulls me with him. 

I stay silent for a few minutes, but the moment I almost trip over a log, I snap. "Can't you slow down, you damn giant? One of your steps is at least three mines; I'm tired running after you like a child!" 

I hope he would listen to me and let me rest a little or at least slow down, but he does the exact opposite. Luka turns to me, leans down, grabs my legs and throws me over his shoulder as if I weigh nothing. 

He rushes forward without a word, and it takes me a while to regain my senses. As soon as I do, I try to get out of his grip. 

"Let go of me, you asshole," I hiss, forcing the words through gritted teeth. Slamming my fists against his back would be as smart as punching a wall repeatedly, so I don't bother going that far.

"Unless you want me to change my mind and carry you to my place for another lap dance, I suggest you stop grinding your scent all over me!" Luka growls, all of a sudden, sounding furious. 

Whatever problems this guy has, they must be serious. A childhood trauma, perhaps? Or maybe the Alpha boy was an outcast of society until the day he took the title, and now, he's so full of himself that he's unable to tell right from wrong? Or sexy from creepy...

I open my mouth but close it when his hand collides with my ass. No, this guy is way too much. I understand that I overdid it with the seducing part, but I already admitted I mistook him for someone else. There's no need for Luka to keep reminding me of the mistake, darn it!

"Fucking perv," I mutter again, but this time much louder so that he knows I haven't changed my mind. 

"Hell to the yeah, baby, a fucking pervert. And believe me, I want nothing more than to bring you home, tie you up on my bed, and enjoy your body for weeks to come. I've never tasted a kitten before, so don't tempt me."

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