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Lenox pov

"Wait, did you want to see me beat my fists against my chest to show off how much of a man I am, just like gorillas do that?" I offer the stupidest thing I could think of in a situation as such.

DeAmes might think he's the shit, but boy, does he know I'm the dangerous one. I can't silence the voices in my head, and all of them scream I should take on the darkness and just kill him.

I picked my poison years ago, I accepted it, and I'm more than willing to choke down everything that's left of it, right here, right in front of the man who made my life a fucking nightmare.

"Lenox, Lenox, Lenox, you don't understand, do you? You're trapped here; there's no exit for you to use anymore. You're done. You're stuck here with me." He muses, shaking his head.

I think I'm starting to like this guy. The way he talks, the shit he says- it's like he's tempting me to come up with something ridiculous. "Correction, DeAmes, you're the one who's stuck in here with ME." I make sure to emphas
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Marrie Mitipelo
LOVE THIS CHAPTER... ABSOLUTELY... Brilliant Writing... Everything is fallibg into place... But... .........
goodnovel comment avatar
Gin Mi Vida Belleza
I don't remember how many chapters back but I remember commenting "if luka and Lazarus are puppies does that make lenox a pussy" lmaoo..
goodnovel comment avatar
Paige Keese
Lenox I F**king love you, you crazy, adorable, psychopath. I can’t wait to see what the Dads do to DeAmes!

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