Definitely the job of our children.

Than pov

I like Luciano. More than I would like to admit.

The shifters I've met over the years were quite judgemental and unkind once they found out where I come from. But then again, I never took any of them along to the gardens of evil.

Luciano, he's something else. He listens, actually listens, and tries to understand even if he can't accept some things. Maybe that's why I'm not that worried about my daughter anymore.

Ease overtakes my mind and body, and I come to the most crucial conclusion I could reach in this situation- I know Lenox, he's a good man, but now, I have no doubts that crazy bastard will do anything to protect my As. She is a part of him, a family, and judging by how much Luciano is willing to give for his loved ones, Lenox, as his son, will do the same.

I'm a proud stepfather. My daughter chose a good one. They needed each other, kept each other alive, and though both are little, just a little, crazy about blood and violence, they fit each other perfectly.

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amber sweet
the Insight provided with these three chapters was amazing
goodnovel comment avatar
Nicky Longhurst
Lmao whoever heard of a demon character who is proud of the carnage his daughter and "stepson" produced, being so likeable? Yet this one is! How on earth do you do it? With each new chapter I love this story more.
goodnovel comment avatar
Stacey Manning
I so love this total acceptance of who people/beings are at face value. Love them for who they are. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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