Aren't you happy to see me?

Sarah pov

I stop and freeze. Not only is Alister trying to hold me back, but he's also screaming something about a baby sister.

Is he referring to the woman who came here to take him away from me? Is she pregnant, and for some odd reason, Alister knows that?

Slowly, I turn around and feel the painful tug at my heart as I take in his tear-stained cheeks. The poor boy looks so desperate and scared that I can't allow myself to do anything but scoop him in my arms and hold him close.

I hear the voices around me but can't take them apart until strong arms wrap around me. "Kayla, to what do we owe the displeasure of your arrival? I didn't see your broom at the door, did you walk?" Lazarus holds us both as a slight smirk spreads across his lips.

As usual, with his arrival and overpowering presence, the room falls silent. I don't bother to look anywhere but at Alister, he's the one who needs me the most right now, and I won't allow the woman who left him to come back and state her claim on
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Gin Mi Vida Belleza
I'm ready for more chapters!!
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Oh Lenox ... absolutely love these characters. Seth is hilarious!
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I honestly can't recall ever loving a character more than I love Lenox. Very excited that everyone is together right now so we can hear more about baby sister!

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