It wasn't me!

Luka pov

Excuse my french, but what the fuck is happening? Is this real life or a very damn lucid dream I don't want to see? Like, for real?

This day just got so messed up that I have no idea where I should look or whom I should follow.

A little rundown to remind me how fucked up this day is: first, Lazarus proposed to Sarah out of nowhere without proposing at all. Then, my brother's ex-girlfriend arrived to state a claim on a child who she abandoned in the hospital. The same child who calls Sarah his mom and screams something about a baby sister. Then, as if it's not enough, Lenox and our dad arrive with some scary motherfucker in tow. Oh, and can't forget how mom came at the right moment to wipe the floors with Kayla, because why wouldn't she, right?

If that's not fucked up, I have no idea what might be. God freaking damn it, our family is too messed up to follow along with every word they say or shit they do. I can't deal with them anymore.

No matter where I look, all I see are
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Rebecca Skye
Love it pls hurry with the update ...
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Emily Knight
I love the very unique family they have going on and I really hope Sarah is pregnant! can't wait for the next chapter
goodnovel comment avatar
the personalities in this book vary so much but work so well! I love that this book is updated so often and with some amazing chapters! author can't wait for more from you.

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