Sayonara, loser.

Lenox pov

"Waaait," I call after the crowd my family has created. As much as I want to know if Sarah's pregnant and which of my brothers is responsible for knocking her up because that's not me who did it, there's a thing I need to do before settling down as a parent. "I need to deal with something; as soon as you find out which of those stallions bred her, let me know. I'll be back shortly," I flash them a grin and bolt upstairs.

I suppose this isn't the best time to tell Sarah I kind of accidentally killed her father. As soon as I get upstairs, I scan the hall until my eyes focus on the door I need.

Like the hero I am, I stomp towards it, kick it open and throw my hands up to scream, "Princess, I killed the dragon; you're a free woman now!"

Sarah's brother, not so brother, whatever his name is, looks at me as if I've lost my mind. I scoff at the thought- as if the guy didn't know I'm not all that well in my mind.

"It seems that you missed the fact that I'm a man. Should I lower my
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Kelly Reilly
I’m in the uk so our time lol
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Gin Mi Vida Belleza
Late update? Maybe we might get more than one chapter I hope..I hope all is well with k.k. too!! #happyvibes..
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Donna DeNardo Grogan
Yes been checking all day lol Hop all is ok

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