The test results.

Sarah pov

This is weird, uncomfortable, awkward, and a thousand different levels of wrong. For now, that's all I have to say.

The Vincent family is so close, loving and supportive, yet though all those things are wonderful, they're still acting way too over the top. Even if I turn out pregnant, that doesn't mean they must stay close during the tests.

Seth sat beside me and held my hand while the doctors drew my blood for some tests. Sure, she looked away since the blood made her sick, and she acted rather weird, but I understand she was worried and wanted to be there for me.

I wouldn't mind their mother near me if she were alone. Instead, there are six men behind her; all of their gazes follow every single movement of the doctors and nurses.

But now, as the nurse is setting up everything for the ultrasound, I wonder if any of them think if they put the doctors in a difficult position or not. Because they freaking do!

A cold liquid on the lower half of my belly makes me flinch
K. K. Winter

Sorry for the delay, guys, something came up. There's no need to worry as I saw readers do in comments. I'm fine just had to deal with something before finishing up the chapter. Also, while you wait on updates, check out the new book "Not your Luna" published here on Goodnovel (For now 4 chapters, but I'll do daily updates for that one too.) P.S. Spread love and legs, not hate. Love, K.K.

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Loved it ...️...️ as always!!
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Gin Mi Vida Belleza
Yhur gonna love it and love the youngest the most in my opinion..
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Paige Keese
Lmao so how did As know that Sarah was the one?

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