Hurt her, and I will hurt you.

Lazarus pov

I might feel a tiny ping of jealousy as I look at my baby brothers and listen to my family bicker about the baby Sarah’s carrying.

I can’t wait until the day she tells me she’s pregnant with my babies. I can’t imagine the pure happiness I could feel once her belly swells with my own pups.

It’s clear that we chose the same family dynamics as our parents did- regardless of who is the biological father, we all will raise the kids like they’re our own.

While that’s settled and done, I still can’t resist the urge to have kids of my own. If only Sarah agrees, we will have an entire pack of babies.

“Thank you for saving us,” I hear my mother say, and I’m sure we look hilarious as all of us look down at her. She’s holding Sarah’s hand, gazing at our woman like she’s a demigod.

I arch an eyebrow in question. What is this supposed to mean now?

Mom looks at us with that dopey smile on her lips. “Sarah gave us her blood; that’s why I pulled through, and so did your brothers. She
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Gin Mi Vida Belleza
of course not haven't read anything different so far don't expect any changes..#happyvibes!!
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Nicky Longhurst
K.K. I'm guessing that's a hard no? ;-)
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K.K. Winter
Be honest with me here... Do you really think that I'll give you the pleasure of reading something you already knew? :D

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