An excellent slave, yet a terrible master.

Sarah pov

“You have to be kidding me,” I groan as I close my eyes and try to grab control over my emotions and senses.

In all honesty, I’m a bit over everyone telling me what I’m supposed to do. No, perhaps not even just a bit- a lot, damn it.

One person comes in here to tell me it’s better to do this, and the other arrives to tell me the complete opposite.

How am I to make the right decision if everyone seems so indulged in my life that they need to make the decisions for me, or even try to shift my judgement?

Isn’t this the one matter that I should discuss with my partners and come up with the best thing to do for our future? Yes, I already made the mistake of thinking that I had all the right to make this choice on my own, but thank God, Lazarus opened my eyes and reminded me it’s as much my decision as it is his brother’s.

But now, there’s a demon sitting next to my bed and claiming I can’t even think about the termination. Does he have any idea who resides in my baby? What if
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goodnovel comment avatar
and the hits just keep on coming ... an angel born off a demon ... I need to stock up on ice cream here whilst praying someone turns this into a damn movie !!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Donna DeNardo Grogan
Seems is also has gifts. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. They can't be mates can they....
goodnovel comment avatar
Emily Knight
Amazing couple of chapters! I hope you're little girl had a great first day ...

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