Chapter Fourteen

The first thing Joni thought of before she woke up fully was how soft her makeshift bed was. The second was how clean the air in the storage room was. It wasn't stuffy or smelled like rat and lizard piss. The pillow was soft and so was her bed sheets.

Maybe it was her imagination but she could swear on her mother's grave that she smelled roses.

Was she dead then? Was she finally in heaven with the angels singing hallelujah or was she in a place that wasn't earth or heaven either?.

One last thing, she could hear music playing somewhere in the room, it wasn't loud at all but the song was nice and her brows furrowed because she didn't own any sort of music player. Hell, she didn't even have a phone.

"Leon, you should go to bed." She heard a voice say. "Let the maids take care of her."

"I'm not really sleepy mom." A voice that sounded very familiar replied. "I'm thinking she'll wake

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