Chapter Eighty Two


I still can't believe what Andres had told us yesterday before we boarded the jet. My own self-absorbed twin brother going behind our backs to date a non royal while openly telling me not to date one.

The motherfucker. He should be glad I didn't find out about this while I was still in Mercia or else I'd have given him the beating of his life.

Gabriella Sysavane. I don't think I know her though but Collins would. I look around the beach in search of my best friend but can't find him or my sister anywhere which makes me frown wondering where they'd gone to.

The beach isn't crowded today thankfully so I have no problem looking for them. We arrived in America very early this morning and my grandma's driver Ron came to pick us up at the airport and drove us to her penthouse.

We all woke up feeling well rested and after a quick lunch, we came to the beach. Joni and Andres are playing volleyball with Raymond and some other kids and Collins was with them just a little while ago.

Love Egbejale

Hi! We're almost at the end. So I wanted to know your thoughts about the book so far. On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate it? I await your responses!:-)

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