Chapter 4


Tornado, that’s a word I can describe in my current situation. Strong winds and twists flipped my world upside down. Was there something I didn’t know about myself? I don’t completely believe in them. Everyone in here cannot be werewolves. There must be humans somewhere else.

I was stunned even after Angelo and Nana left the house before we had our quiet dinner. No one talked about what happened again. But Felix pleased me that I should be more careful about my actions.

I don’t want to believe them that this town was full of werewolves. I haven’t seen Nana or Angelo turn into werewolves. Even last night, I only heard the scary sound and growls but there are no creatures who appeared in front of me.

In the first place, I wouldn’t believe in werewolves if I hadn’t seen them kill my parents before. Having another creature living in this world was unbelievable. It sounded like a fantasy.

At the same time, I was afraid to see werewolves in this town. So I followed my brothers’ orders. I didn’t go out for the whole week until it is time for me to attend the community high school.

Glad that the school didn’t have any uniforms. I prefer choosing my outfit to wear rather than being forced into clothing I’m not interested in at all.

“Make sure you’re back before sunset,” Felix reminded me. I glanced at Jay and he just smiled at me. His face was telling me that I need to follow our oldest brother for the sake of our lives. He’s been the obedient one, the one who follows our parents and Felix.

“Do you want a ride to the school?” Jay asked me kindly. They were on their way to work. Of course, they were using their car.

I shook my head. “It’s fine if I walk.”

Jay softly brushed my head. I chose to walk because I like to see nature once again. It wasn’t that far from our house in this town. Sweat won’t make me feel sticky after a few minutes of walking. 

When my brother left, I packed my bag. I also put on sunscreen all over my face because I’m scared to meet skin cancer. I glanced at myself for the last time in the mirror before going out.

The first person I saw was Angelo. He was wearing black pants, a white t-shirt covered by a black and red shirt, also clean white sneakers. 

“Hey,” he greeted. He’s the social one, I supposed. Though his family was asked to take care of us, he didn’t have to be friends with me. He walked towards me and for a single second that he wasn’t looking at me, I rolled my eyes. “Are you attending classes today?”

He’s nice. But I don’t like friendly people. I have this fear in my chest that friendly people were mostly fake. And they were going to leave after they got the thing that they wanted from you. I have nothing for Angelo to steal from me. Maybe he’s just friendly.

I nodded. “Yes.” As an introvert talking to a stranger who ‘saved’ my life yesterday, I don’t have any more words to respond.

“Nice. Me too. We should walk together.”

And we did. We were silent for at least five seconds when he started to speak up again. “What are your hobbies?”

“Reading. How about you?” Four-word reply. That’s a record.

“Many things. I like football. I haven’t seen you since then. You stayed at home?”

“My brothers warned me on going out, especially in the afternoon. Though I like running, I’m afraid that I’ll get killed by werewolves.” I stopped walking. I looked at him from his hair to his shoes. “Are you a werewolf-like anybody else in this town?”

“Yes. I just learned how to shapeshift last month. It’s a thing when you turned sixteen to eighteen.”

“Unbelievable! Can Nana also turn into a wolf?”

“She can…” He chuckled. “Before. But now she’s staying at home, making healing potions.”

“Is she a witch?”

“No. That’s just her specialty since before. A werewolf who can me drinks that can cure up physical pain. She’s too told to turn into a wolf and fight others. You have a lot to learn about this town.”

Of course, there are things that I need to understand. Why did we choose to live in this town? And why my parents were killed.

“I’ve watched movies about werewolves before. So is there an alpha or beta in this town?”

“Most of the people in here are Alphas. You can recognize the children of Betas in our school when you find someone bullying another. There’s also a reason why werewolves can only shapeshift at night. That’s the rule that the Alpha in this town made before he leaves. He’s still out there, leading this town, but he wasn’t visiting the place.”

“My brother said your family’s not part of a pack. How come that you follow the rules of the leader of this town?”

“If we don’t follow, we’ll get killed. We’re lucky enough not to be attacked by other werewolves.”

I sighed. “How can I believe that you’re a werewolf? What if all you are just lying to me to scare me yesterday?”

“If you don’t believe me, ask others. And you’ll be their feast.”

He’s making sense. My brothers only told me to trust Angelo and his family. Other werewolves in this town didn’t know that I’m a human. If they knew, they would probably bite and kill me as they did to my parents.

The school gate appeared in front of us. We’re already here after that short walk. There were a lot of students in this school, gathered like ants. A group of female students was looking at Angelo. He’s an eye-catcher with his looks. There’s no explanation for that.

“Angelo,” I called. I panicked. There were a lot of people, not humans, but werewolves. 

“Don’t be scared. It’s still daytime. And I’m also at school so you don’t have to be scared.” He patted my head. “Don’t call me Angelo. They address me as Gelo.”

“What would I do if you’re not even my classmate?”

“Be normal. Be a student. And don’t trust anybody else.”

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