Chapter 8


Jay was massaging my nose with an ice pack. There’s a stream of blood that bled from it earlier. The way Ms. Durrant spanked my face with the plank must be that hard to cause bleeding.

Angelo saved me. I don’t know what happened to me if he didn’t arrive there. Those three teachers must’ve killed me. The two other werewolves he was with were Minnie and Sage. The two of them looked the same as what I saw in their picture frame.

The night was already dark when we left the basement of that building. There was no other person in the school aside from the three teachers who kidnapped me, me, and three people who saved me. The school was surprisingly open during the night even without bodyguards. We’re lucky that we didn’t encounter any wolves. I mean, there were werewolves in human form around. But none of them shapeshifted into a wolf.

“What happened, Catherine?” Felix asked. He wasn’t mad at this moment. Instead, worries were planted all over his face. If it’s my fault that I was lost last time, today I was kidnapped. Mr. Higgins must’ve purposely conducted that remedial session earlier to kidnap me.

“I failed the exam in one of my classes. Then Mr. Higgins said I will take a remedial class alone with him. While I was retaking a test, I smelled a scent that causes a headache. I lost my consciousness afterward. Then I woke up in the basement of one of the rooms in the school.”

“How did you find me there?” I asked Angelo. He wasn’t guessing when he pinpoint where my location is. Maybe he has also a smelling power like Ms. Durrant.

 “Two of you classmates. A boy with spiky hair and a girl with hair that only reaches her ears. They said Mr. Higgins with the two other teachers carried you to the basement I knew I won’t be able to fight them alone. And those two didn’t want to join me. That’s why I waited for my brother and sister to save you.”

With his description, I knew that the two students who approached him were Gwen and Aki. I knew they were kind-hearted. Still, I don’t know if I should trust them.

Jay sighed in relief. “We’re glad that Angelo was there so save you. Your nose bled earlier. Did someone hit you?” He pressed the ice again to my face.

“Ms. Durrant spanked me with a plank.”

“There must be a reason why they catch you. Did they say something about you?” Minnie asked. She has an angelic and unique voice. Her lips were black and her hair was auburn red. 

“Yes. They said I’m a threat! They were forcing me what my identity is, but they don’t believe I’m a human. They said I have strong energy surrounding me.”

Nana cleared her throat. She gazed at Felix and Jay. “There’s something that you should know. I’m not in the position to tell you that. You should trust your brothers with whatever they’re going to tell you.”

What is it? After knowing that everyone in this town is werewolves, there’s still something that I didn’t know? I don’t if I’m going to be ready to do whatever they were going to confess. I had to accept it no matter what it is.

We had to leave Nana’s house. She said we needed privacy for whatever I’m going to hear from my brothers. This is it. This is the truth. I don’t know if the truth was a slap on my face or a pinch on my nose.

We were all seated on the couch. My two brothers were on two opposite sides of the couch. I chose to sit while leaning on Jay’s body. He brushed my hair. The silence crept on us. It made my heart throbbed abnormally. Whatever this confession is, I had to accept it, I told myself.

“No matter what you hear from us, don’t forget that we truly love you,” Felix said as he approached me. I knew that, Felix. Though they were protective of me, they treated me like a princess. They didn’t leave me behind though I’m the worst in most of the things. “We love you so much that’s why we hid this thing from you.”

What is it? I can’t wait anymore to hear about it.

Jay stroked my hair. “Do you remember when Mom said that you’re the gift that God gave her? You’re a gift for us. We’ve been wishing to have a princess in the family. Mom as the queen. Father is the king. Felix and I were the two princes. We wanted a princess but Mom failed in her pregnancy. She can’t get pregnant anymore after she had a miscarriage.”

They didn’t tell me that Mom had a miscarriage. If Mom had a miscarriage, then it means…

Felix continued, “You’re still our sister. Nana offered you to our mother. She said you’re a half-blood werewolf. You can’t shapeshift if you’re not trained. It means you can be a normal girl if we hid your identity.”

Tears started to fall to my cheeks. I wasn’t their biological sister. It wasn’t painful to know. I cried because of joy. The joy that they brought me because I was their princess.

“Nana was taking care of you when you’re a baby. She was supposed to be the one who will take care of you. But Mom and Dad were great friends with her. She heard that Mom wanted a princess and a little girl. So she gifted you on us.”

Jay pressed my back. “Nothing will change on us, Catherine. We are still your brother. It isn’t blood that connects us. It’s the relationship we established since the day you were with us.”

I wiped my tears using my hand. I told myself that I will accept whatever they were going to tell me. I breathed all the air I could capture. “Thank you for everything that you did for me. Though I wasn’t your family yet you gave me everything. And I’m the reason why Mom and Dad died. You must be mad at me for losing your parents just because you have to save me.”

Felix inched forward to me. This was the calmest night he had since then. “Shh… Don’t think about that, Cath. We love you. We’re not blaming you. The reason why we’re here was to protect you.”

“But who are my real parents? I want to meet them.”

Jay and Felix shook their head. “We don’t know who your parents are. Nana said it is forbidden for werewolves to fall in love with humans. They must’ve left you alone somewhere Nana found you. I’m sorry if we can’t give you a definite answer. We don’t know as well.”

My tears stopped. “It’s okay. I don’t have to find out who they are. The two of you are enough as my family.” Felix and Jay wrapped their arms around me tight. I grasped on both of their arms and whispered, “You did everything to me and I have to find out who killed our mom and dad.”

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