Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Three kilometers into my pedometer and I can’t run anymore. We didn’t have a proper warm-up. And the rule was that we can’t walk around. My muscles were soaring and I can’t handle this anymore.

I was gasping. I needed water to hydrate myself. I lost more than a liter by all the sweat all over my body. Angelo was either beside or behind me. I was never behind him. 

There’s a huge gap between our conditions. At this moment, I already lost all my energy. But he’s fine as if he didn’t run at all. It made sense that he’d been doing this since the day he trained her.

I wanted to stop. I wanted to quit. But quitting is for weak people. It is for those who can’t handle things anymore. If I didn’t continue to train here, I wouldn’t be able to gain the strength to protect my brothers. This isn’t just for me, I reminded myself. This is for my brothers and justice on the death of

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