Chapter 13


I finished the contemporary book I was reading just after Angelo took a bath. He asked me yesterday if we could bake cookies at his place, but it turned out he wasn’t expecting me early. As a morning person, I would go to him early if he didn’t specify a time.

I don’t have anyone to talk to. Minnie was still asleep. Sage was in his room—as always. Except for Nana who sat on the couch the moment Angelo entered his room to wear an outfit.

“What are you going today? It seems that you have plans, dear?” Nana asked. I never met my grandparents on Mom and Dad. Maybe they’re as sweet as Nana—who would ask questions and take care of her grandchildren.

“He asked me to bake cookies.” I don’t have anything to do at home that’s why I agreed to the plan. Besides, he’s my only friend. And I should do better as his friend.

“Oh, that is his favorite pastime

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