Chapter 2 Her First

Yes, it's the boss. The reason she was sprawled on the bed while being sucked hard down there. Her thighs were held upright. Her legs dangled on both sides of his head while his face was buried between her legs.

"Ahhhmmm" she tried to suppress her moan but the delicious tension building inside her is undeniable.

Moving to a rhythm, her body seemed to slow dance to the tempo the man had set. She could vividly feel his tongue, drilling and sucking her. 

Holding tight the necktie tied around her both wrists, she throws her head back, arching her body. 

The pressure is blowing her mind. She never expected she will have this kind of night. 

After she was left alone by the man who led her upstairs, she had quite a surprise when the first man she approached appeared. 

His drilling eyes were fixed on her as he made himself comfortable on the couch. Their gazes locked, her, following his every move. 

Feeling like cheap merchandise, she was nailed on the floor, waiting for his verdict.   His assessing gaze trailed from her face down to her exposed legs.

Silence ruled while he took time scrutinizing her. Whatever in his mind, she has no way of knowing. His face doesn't divulge anything but stillness.

"You will have a dick tonight. Show me what you got" he mutters after a while of silence. The only words he uttered before she vaguely remember what happens. Everything happens in a blur and before she could realize it, she was already ravished. 

Tied with a necktie, her hands can't do anything as she wanted. She wanted to touch the flexing muscles of his shoulders, or even just his arms but she was not allowed to put down her bound hands. 

While he was free to do anything to her body, she was left to endure his delightful ministration. Sprawled naked, she was like an offering to be feasted. 

"Argh..." her legs trembled. The pleasure building at the pit of her stomach is tremendously numbing her whole senses.

"I'm close...ahhn..." with a parched voice, she whimpered. She is on the verge of exploding. 

"Arghhhh..." arching her slender body, she chased the peak of her pleasure. Body moving violently, she convulsed to the euphoria she just reached. 

Unaware of her action, she brought her bound hands down on the man's nape. Pulling him closer to her welling wetness,  enjoying her heaven with his face pulled even closer. His warm lips wrapped around her sensitive bud sucking her while she squirts her juice is nerve-wracking.

The huffing sound of her ragged breaths filled the silence of the room. Her first bliss with the unknown man. She could still feel his tongue, licking her. 

Biting her lips with closed eyes, she endured his torture at her sensitive bud. Her body would involuntarily jerk at his every ministration.

She can't believe she will have such an experience like this. She was never interested in being intimate with Coby. Will it be the same? Did she miss something in her life when she did not allow Coby to do the act the man did to her? 

"You defied me..." his gruff voice made her come back to the present. 

Turning to him, she met his piercing sharp eyes. What did she do?

"No hands" he continued grimly. By then she realized her bound hands were on his nape. Not knowing the consequence of her defiance, she just stares at his eyes but looked away after she seems burned.

Carefully, she removed her hands, placing them on her stomach. She wanted to cover herself but the man's face is still in front of her wetness, between her thighs. After her boldness earlier, she suddenly feels shy under his piercing gaze. She could smell her feminine scent lingering in the air. Surely the man could vividly smell her too, making her conscious of her nakedness.

"Just a basic rule but you defied it" he grumbled. Suddenly, he was above her, hovering while his hand was busy unbuckling his pants.

Quickly grabbing a small packet, he tore it with his teeth. A condom.

She immediately snapped from her trance seeing him put on the rubber around his humongous member, after pumping it several times.

"Ahm...wait..." she panicked when she felt his tip pointed at her entrance. Her hands that were placed on her stomach tried to push him away but she was unable to nudge him, instead, he thrusts deep inside. 

With the sudden seething pain, her eyes grew wide. Her breath was trapped in her throat. Too late to tell him, it's her first time. 

"Wait...arghhh... " she suddenly growled and whimpered in pain, tears welled in her eyes. 

Her trembling hands grasp at his abs but were not able to hold anything. It's too toned and firm to grasp.

"Arghh... " she whimpered, her body gone rigid underneath him. 

"What the...?" he froze. 

Watching her pained face, his eyes reflect disbelief before it narrows to a grim one. Staying still, he watches her face contorts to different emotions. She tried to turn to her side but he cup her chin, making her face him. 

Not allowing her to hide, he firmly holds her face in place. With tears flowing down her cheeks, she tightly closes her eyes, incapable to meet the man's sharp eyes.

With the unbearable pain inside her, she feels like being ripped in two with the man's unusually huge size. The throbbing pain is engulfing her whole being subduing the pleasure she felt earlier. Thankfully, he stayed still. 

"Fuck you..." he mutters under his breath. 

Anger lazed his voice but she was too engrossed with her pain to mind. All she could feel is discomfort down there more than the tight hold around her jaw. He is squeezing like he wanted to choke her. 

"You are bold enough to ask for a dick. What's your game?" with a clenched jaw, he roughly tilted her face.

She wanted to speak but words were trapped in her parched throat. Instead, she grimaced from his tight hold.

"This is what you want, right? You ask for this, so don't act like a victim now. There's no way I will stop. I had put it in, there's no way I will be leaving your warmth" his gruff voice rang her ears, sending shivers to her spine. Despite the gruffness in his voice, her body reacts differently to his words.

Realizing he is starting to move, she endures by tightly shutting her eyes and biting her lips. Despite her efforts, a whimper still escapes her.


He kept her face in place for him to watch. In his every shallow thrust, her face would contort into a grimace.

"Look at me. Open your fucking eyes" he gruffly demanded, which she tried to obey.

Still, with a pained and hazy gaze, she tried to focus on him. Seeing his stone-cold expression made her more anxious.

"Look at me..." grimly, he commanded as he fastens his hips. 

Surprisingly, the pain she felt was slowly replaced by an unexplainable sensation. New to the feeling, she gasps as she locks her gaze on him. Her eyes reflect her wonderment while his were of earnest confidence. He was never gentle nor did he try to comfort her but his eyes were somewhat reassuring, indirectly comforting her.

His thrusts become demanding but she could no longer feel the pain like earlier. After some time, a delicious sensation replaced the discomfort. 

"Ahhhhhn..." she moans and she grimaces not from pain but the pleasure while their gazes were still locked. 

As he pounds her deep and fast, he never allowed her to look away from him.  He watches all the emotions cross her face as they dance to the rhythm until they reached their heaven, together. And it was just the start.

"I'm so tender, I can't anymore..." she whispers. Her voice is parched. She lost count of how many times the man took her. She is sure it's not less than six times. He is insatiable. She can no longer feel her lower part from exhaustion.

"One last..." he mutter as he hovers above her. They just finish with a different position, her on her four. She cannot keep herself upright, she is too exhausted.

He made her lay on her back and lifted her legs on his shoulder before he thrusts deep.

"Argh..." pain and pleasure envelopes her again. Too exhausted to move, she went limp but the man continued to pound on her.

"Please, this be the last..." she weakly whispers but got no reply from him.

Trying to keep awake, she held onto his arms, absentmindedly rubbing him up and down. She is too tired but the pleasure the man is giving her is undeniable. She could feel it again, her heaven. 

"Ahh Ahhnn..." she whimpers and moans. 

"Look at me..." he gruffly demanded, which she obeyed. Fighting her heavy lids, she looks at his piercing eyes. 

"Remember this face, this is the face of the man who pleasured you...the man who took your first...the man who made you bleed for this kind of pleasure...remember my face. I'm your first man had done this to you but me... Don't ever think of another man when I'm the one who pleasured you" he mutters grimly. Though unable to grasp everything he said she nodded. She is too sleepy and exhausted to ponder. The alcohol from all the wines she consumed is quite winning.

With their gazes locked to each other, they came again for the nth time before darkness engulfed her. She lost consciousness while the man continued with his shallow thrusts, squeezing himself from all the juices inside his still aching balls. He still wanted more, but she was already out.

Staring at her sleeping calm face, he clenched his jaw. Whatever in his mind is not a pleasant one with the way he looks at her.



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Nilfa Dsouza
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what a way to start a novel!!In real life us there a guy who can do 9X?LOL

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