Chapter 4 Closed Deal

"I need a wife, name your price" he casually announced.

The words rang in her ears but she was unable to discern what he meant.

"Pardon Mr. Wright?" she asks. Confusion fills her face.

"I need someone to pose as my wife. Here's the entire agreement" he handed him another document.

Reluctantly, she receives the paper and blankly stares at it.

"I need to be married to make my girlfriend come back and stay for good to marry me. Here is the divorce agreement" he continues casually before handing her another document.

"Once she is back, you will sign the divorce paper and peacefully leave. I will pay you, just name the amount" he added.

She stared at him trying to digest everything he said. Her brain was not cooperating, leaving her empty-minded.

She heard the rumor about a ballerina betrothed to CEO Lucien Wright but left the country to pursue her dream to be the top-tiered ballerina of her time. After her departure, the CEO had been seen several times following her every shows in different countries and maybe to convince her to come back. Who could blame the CEO, Ellen Johnson is an angel.

Staring at the documents in her hands, her ten million burden crosses her mind. It's an easy way out. She could have the money she was dying to raise for more than five years now. All she needs is to fulfill the agreement stated on the contract. 

She will act as a wife and fulfill all the obligations of a wife to a husband. Including having sex with him. But no child should be involved in their union and she has to make sure to preempt such occurrence. Just plain sex, they won't have any obligation to each other. In case, they will be involved with anyone other than both of them, it must be done discreetly, unknown to the public. He doesn't want to take chances of Miss Johnson knowing the marriage is just an arrangement.

He was not obliged to introduce her to his parents or bring her to any function as his wife. The marriage is solely for Ellen Johnson, a bait, so she could consider returning to the country earlier to marry Lucien. While in agreement, she will stay at his mansion where Ellen has also stayed when they were still together. A taunting strategy for the ballerina.

Thinking of the benefits she could get from the arrangement, she earnestly stares at him. If she will be honest, she cannot raise the ten million dollars on her own even if she takes all the part-time jobs her agent would arrange for her. She is beautiful, yes she is but it's not enough to land her a multi-million contract in modeling. She was not that famous and she doesn't know anyone who could help her aside from her friend/agent who had helped her land modeling jobs a few times.

"Ten million dollars" she announced, staring straight into his eyes. She has nothing to lose anymore, the man had already taken something precious to her. So, better enjoy it while earning.

"Deal" he readily replied. He stares at her with his unremarkable expression. Whatever he was thinking, she has no interest in knowing.

Grabbing the pen in front of him, she quickly signs the documents except for the divorce paper. 

"When can I get my money and when will I start to live in your place?" she casually asks while she finishes affixing her signature. 

"Tonight, you will come with me. The money will be transferred to your assigned account, immediately after you provided the information" he mutters, without averting from her gaze.

"Okay," she shrugs. She won't kill herself from work from now on. Starting today, she will enjoy her life while she reclaims the precious place of her childhood. 

"Aside from the ten million dollars, you will have this card. You can spend it with anything you want" he pushed a card towards her. 

She shrugs before picking it up from the table. 

"It's nice to have these perks" she raves with a smile, scrutinizing the card. Tiny dimples on both sides of her mouth appear. A muscle abnormality that brought her a lot of admiration even from fellow women. Only appearing when she smiles or sometimes if she was talking, making her look more charming. The reason why she once modeled teen apparel. 

"Though it's specified in the agreement the provision of having other partners, I forbid you of doing so. I don't want to share my woman with anyone else" he seriously added, which made her think. 

"That would be fine with me" she shrugs, getting back at the card in her hand. Having another man is out of the question. She doesn't plan on having a relationship while being married to the serious CEO. Even if it's only for convenience. The ten million at stake is more important than any man as of the moment.

Lucien stares at her with earnest interest. He hasn't expected she would readily agree to his proposition. Money indeed has powerful sparkle for people like her. Realizing his line of thoughts, he clenches his jaw.

She was a virgin but she acts cool about losing it to a stranger more so entering an unusual marriage agreement. Is she in desperate need of money? The report only includes, her being dumped by her boyfriend, which he already knew. No matter what her reasons, he needs her.

Aside from her delectable body, enticing him, she was a refreshing change to the monotony of his daily agenda. She looks like a doll with flawless white skin, rosy cheeks, light brown eyes, and tiny dimples at the sides of her pinkish lips. With her slender figure and long legs, she looks like a barbie doll came to life.

Ten million is a penny in exchange for the pleasure he will be getting with her. Her body was the first to entice him after Ellen left. 

Knowing his net worth, he expected she will demand more but she did not.

"How do you feel," he ask after the long silence.

She turns to him with questioning eyes before realizing what he meant.

"Still tender..." she replied honestly.

"Do you need some pills?" 

"No, I'm fine"

"I want you later" he announced casually to her aghast. He was acting as if it's the most natural thing in the world to say. Yes, she had signed the marriage contract but still, she expected even the slightest inhibition from him. But well, he is the cunning CEO of Wright Group of Companies, his word is like law for all his people and even to the country.

"You're my wife, remember?" he added upon seeing her incredulous look.

"But it doesn't mean you have to ravage me all the time" she retorted, rolling her eyeballs.

"I want you later, you can take a pill if you still feel tender" he dismissingly announced, giving her no room for an argument.

She rolled her eyes as protest while he glares at her. 

"You're insatiable. You almost got me crippled with your huge appetite" she sneers.

"You were able to stand, in that case, I still haven't done that much" he counters with a smirk. His arrogance made her more annoyed.

Though exasperated with his arrogance, she allowed him to ravish her. The night, just like the first night they were together, was filled with moans and grunts. 

"So this is the honeymoon now?" she was panting while she was being pounded.

"Yes, and the rest of the nights we will be together" he raggedly replied, breathily with his deep voice.

"You might have a surprise of your life, Miss Ellen might be at your doorstep in the morning" she playfully retorted, grasping at the arms holding her. With her back on the wall, they were standing under the shower while she was just hauled into his arms and being pounded. CEO Lucien Wright seems to not able to take his hands off his bait wife. Her long slender legs were wrapped around his narrow hips, promptly moving in a rhythm. 

With her teasing, she got no response but a tightening of his hold around her.

"She might be scurrying right now to come back, knowing you had married someone else" she added with a teasing smile but was suddenly covered by his ravishing kisses. 


She was out of breath but he was unconcerned, sucking and eating her mouth with pure fervor. She was drowning in his kisses.

"Hahh...!" she gasps for air the moment she was released.

"Arghhh..." loudly, she moaned after her mount was engulfed and suckled by his warm mouth.

"You talk too much..." he grumbled while he showers her two mounts with tiny bites, grazing his teeth around the hardened buds.

"Arghhh..." she gasps as she lewdly moaned. 

"I can't imagine how Miss Ellen had endured your insatiable appetite. Can she still do her ballet after you ravished her?" it just crosses her mind and she got curious. Ellen Johnson is a petite woman. Maybe just 5'3" in height and Lucien Wright is more than 6 feet. She will be crippled if he had this kind of appetite.

"I told you to shut up..." he angrily snapped. His voice becomes hard and sharp as he stopped moving.

Opening her eyes, she met his cold chilling one. 

"I don't want you to speak of anything about Ellen. Whatever I and Ellen have is none of your business" he grimly muttered before putting her down even without finishing their act. 

He turns away from her and continues with his shower while she was left almost stumbling on the floor, watching his rigid back.


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