Chapter 6 Odd Man

With Lucien on a business trip, she has had a good night's sleep for two days now.

Two months had passed but still no sign of Ellen Johnson returning to the country. Not that she was complaining, she enjoys the perks of being Lucien's wife. The sex is great aside from the money she enjoys. Never did it occur to her she will enjoy such an intimate act even before when she had Coby.

Her life won't be as interesting after she will leave their secret marriage. Lucien, though rough and ruthless most of the time towards her, is a great man.

Who would have thought, she is enjoying CEO Lucien Wright every night for two months now. Every woman's dream, the most eligible bachelor of the country. Previously, she could just watch him on different news portals and prints. A very intimidating businessman, cold and distant. Who would have thought he has one flaw, his sex addiction if she could call it that way. 

There's no day he will not take her. After the first time the
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Gloria Aquino Wong
their sex was so intense and wild.
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Robin Lemus
Her name is Alexzia
goodnovel comment avatar
Mitzi Schaper Rivas
they have been married for 2 months, so why is she still calling him Mr. Wright? Also, if the marriage is a secret, how is his x suppose to find out about it ?

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