Chapter 10 Without A Trace

It's before dinner time when he arrives at the mansion. Lost in his thoughts, he hasn't realized the vehicle has already stopped in front of the huge door.

No one disturbs his silence as he blankly stares outside. But something caught his attention snapping him from his stupor, the opening of the huge door.

Expecting someone to come out, he held his breath as he waited. Seeing who came out, he heaved a sigh. It was Mavis, smiling at him.

Stepping out of the vehicle, he was welcomed by the woman's usual smile.

"Welcome home, Mr. Wright" she cheerfully greeted.

"Thank you" he casually replied, walking inside but stopping midstep.

"Has... Zia, home already" he softly asks without turning towards the woman.

"No, Mr. Wright" Mavis politely responded. 

Unmoving, he becomes thoughtful.

"Prepare the dinner" he announced before continuing to walk towards the stairs.

He enters the unusually silent room and his gaze immediately wanders. Th
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Comments (8)
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Julierub Makiling Japson
To bad sir she's gone, u just want your ex girlfriend to be back right? She's back why still want ex wife, u hurt her to much
goodnovel comment avatar
Loraine Quamina
I do agree it.s a touching story
goodnovel comment avatar
Edna Layoso Baging Jones
I love mavis can’t wait to read more

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