Chapter 13 Back To The Past

"What will I do, Dom? I have nothing left. The mortgage of the property is taking so long" she whispers frustratedly.

"There will be another way, Lex" the man responded, rubbing her back. 

"All my savings were gone. Where will I get the remaining amount? It's been two months and we should have been back for the assessment" she softly retorted.

During the first attack Lucy had, a relapse was discovered. An occurrence of after a few months of improvement, his heart condition undergo regression. And they were back to the start. 

"Why not give the invitation a try? It could work, Lex" Don moves away to look at her tearful eyes.

"Dom, it's embarrassing" she glares at the man.

"No, it's not, Lexie. It's an art. I have submitted it to my agent and she was ecstatic to have it. She said it has great potential. Please...give it a try" Dom persisted.

"Imagine the money we could get from it. Minerva said I will get the 70% share from the income" he c
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Elena Tawanna
can't wait for the next episode.
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Edna Layoso Baging Jones
Good story
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Lilibeth Aspera
Good story

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