Chapter 15 Ten Million Bid

Unable to tear her gaze away from the man across, she stiffened at the uproar his presence caused her. She wanted to look away, she wanted to run but she was nailed on her seat while burning under his intense gaze.

"You alright, Lex?" noticing his anxiousness, Dom worriedly asks. He even turn to face her, but he got no response. She remains quiet while staring afar.

Following her gaze, he tried to find what made her look ashen. He scan the entire hall for something peculiar until a certain man caught his attention. The same man Lexie was staring at. Watching as they continue to lock their gazes, his eyes narrow upon realizing something.

"Lexie is he..." he asks without turning to her but paused midsentence. 

"Dom...later..." she whispers her plea as she struggled to look away. But not before she saw the sharp scowl from the woman beside him, Ellen Johnson, his wife.

Needing to maintain her composure, she calmly turns to the stage. Although her mind is s
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goodnovel comment avatar
Rhoda Bodo
Wow he is reminding her of their fake marriage
goodnovel comment avatar
Rhoda Bodo
Wow he is reminding her of the fake marriage
goodnovel comment avatar
Julierub Makiling Japson
Wow ten million?

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