Chapter 18 Revelation

Despite being unable to get a good night's sleep last night, she wakes up early to make a phone call. She was relieved everything was fine at Dom's household.

Last night was a test of her sanity. But before Lucien Wright could have the chance to approach her again after sending the irritated Miss Johnson outside, she had dragged Dom to leave the party. She doesn't know what happened between the two but they saw Ellen Johnson with her dark expression while the CEO looks calm and unconcerned. 

Thankfully, they have left in time the CEO went back to the party. Like sneaky criminals, they went out unnoticed. 

Knowing she won't be able to go back to sleep again, she took an early shower and planned her attire for later's lunch with the Wright family. Remembering the ordeal she will be facing later made her jittery. If she will have the chance, she won't attend but she had already committed to the Wright couple.

"Calm yourself, Alexzia. As if he will attend f
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Comments (4)
goodnovel comment avatar
It’s a very nice story although it makes me cry I love it
goodnovel comment avatar
Love the attitude Alexzia! Lucien come clean, you love her...️...️
goodnovel comment avatar
Rockeeba Moore
You go girl, I love her new attitude and I’m glad she’s not quick to give in. And yes get back to your son

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