Chapter Eight-Patch

Patch revved his engine and sped down the small road that would lead him to town. He’d been in shock to see her standing there on his mother’s back porch. Her Fat Bottomed Chicks T-shirt neatly tucked into a pair of expensive jeans, looking more out of place than anything else. 

The look of fear on her face made him angry, and the slew of curses his mother tossed her way, not even realizing who Delaney was or why she was there. 

Patch groaned and shook his head slightly. He never imagined staying away from Lucas’ sister would prove this difficult. He wanted nothing more than to go get a shower and sleep off his bad day. He’d dropped his mother off at the rehab center being she passed out on the couch, and it would buy him a few days before he had to worry about her getting out. 

Those short two days that she would make it in drug rehab were the best days of his life because he didn’t have to worry about her.&nbs
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