"I bet that's going to come out a disaster." I voiced out loudly as I walked into the kitchen. Mariano was standing by the cooker, stirring something that looked like sauce in a bowl.

He smiled on seeing me. "Oh hey. Good morning. How's your stomach?"

"It's okay now, I guess. So what are you preparing huh?"

"Uh...some barbecue sauce and some fried chicken. It really looks good, you should have a taste," He lifted the spoon with the sauce on it, blew it slowly and took it to my mouth. It burned a little but it tasted good. Good but a little off.

"Some salt..." Damn, the pepper in it was fire. "Just add some salt and you'd be good to go."

"Some salt you say?"


I watched as he moved around the kitchen doing every single little thing I told him. It was kind of sexy watching him and I just smiled when he caught me staring at him.

He dropped his utensils and stalked closer to me. Picking me up from the ground, he lifted me and placed me on the kitchen counter. With his f
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