Chapter 124

“Daddy, I won't give Jonathan to anyone, I can't let her take my baby. She gave him birth, but I gave him life. The heart beating inside Jonathan it's our John heart daddy” I cried loudly hugging him and I felt his body still rooted in the place.

“John, How…” He asked for the first time in my life I saw tears in his eyes, and they rolled down from his eyes piercing my heart at the same. I know that at some point I have to tell him what happened to our baby, but not knowing it could be impossible to breathe.

“I am sorry, I am sorry… I am sorry daddy” I said in one go. I felt my body stop taking breaths. My face turns red, I was unable to take a breath.

“Princess, Relax, please relax” He rubbed my back, giving me a breath with his mouth.

“Don't tell me anything, Just relax. “ Daddy said once my breath turned normal.

“No, let me tell you today,” I said.

“No baby, A few minutes ago you were unable to breathe,” Daddy said.

“No, let me tell you today, please. The guilt inside me is eating m
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Maria Palladino-Mattson
When is there going to be an update
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sofia rizoy
Author very touching chapter learning the truth about John and Jonathan. I'm glad rose begins to trust Joseph
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