Chapter 133


“Jess come baby have breakfast” I called Jess before taking my mobile to call daddy. His cell phone was continuously showing out of coverage. I tried many times, but every time I heard out of coverage.

“Mama breakfast,” Jess asked, breaking my thoughts.

“Yes baby” I served her food.

“Your breakfast,” She asked.

“I will have in some time, Please finish your,” I said, and she nodded.

“Kevin” I went to the exit to speak with Kevin.

“Did you receive any call from your Boss?” I asked.

“Not yet, ma'am,” He said, and I nodded.

I was about to go inside, but I received a call.

“Hello, Miss Lisian Capto" I heard one lady's voice.

“Yes, Who are you,” I asked.

“I am calling from City care life hospital, Your fiancée has been admitted here today, and he got many injuries in his head. Please visit ma'am” She said, and my mobile slipped from my hand, and it feels like I will lose consciousness.

“What happened ma'am” Kevin helped me to balance and took my cell phone.

“Show me pictures first,
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Mylene Salvacion
More chapter please.. Let gabriel know that ella is the one who killed his wife. Thanks

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