Chapter 9


“Are you sure you’re okay with this, Natalia?” Damien asked cupping my cheeks, making me look at him.

“I want to officially meet the family, Damien. Plus, it’s been two weeks since we both got married; I believe that we’ve had enough of a ‘honeymoon’ as it is” I teased. Damien got a call from his mum last night asking him to come home, whatever the reason was; Damien hasn’t discussed it with me, and in all honesty; I didn’t even ask. As for meeting the family, I have barely seen Isabella when they had proposed to me, and my one conversation with Lyov was him asking me whether I was sure about this wedding or not. Sebastian and I spoke at the wedding, and other than that; I was somewhat isolated from everyone, merely seeing them with mum, and making sure that I was on my best behavior as not to ruin the chances of the wedding.

Damien nodded, letting me go to close the last bag before wrapp

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Charmaine Markgraaff
i love the story

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