Bad itention

Young master

Chapter 10

Khan Tones scolded by his grandfather. And thought it was all the fault of Khan, who kept on provoking, to insult Esmeralda.

Feeling himself being an outlet, Khan Tones grew increasingly angry with Esmeralda.

"I'll find out where Esmeralda's power comes from," said Khan Tones.

He invited his college friends to come to his cousin's birthday. Albert Tones, he invited all his relatives, including important figures his father knew in business.

Mike Tones required his entire family to come, no reason to refuse. Including Esmeralda.

Even though the brown eyed woman refused, Amelia continued to force them to come.

"We're not coming. Why come? It'll only be the subject of their humiliation," said Esmeralda, refusing her mother's invitation.

"You have to come, don't complicate things, after all they are our big family."

With heavy feelings, Esmeralda obeyed her mother's insistence.

"It's Albert

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