"Why don't you just kill the guy right away?"

Angela turned to Dorista Joni. "There's no way I'll kill him! His body must be alive, to be tested on a new invention in the Catwalk family."

"Since Alberto Mose's death, John Mose's grandfather hasn't shown himself at all," sighed Dorista disappointedly.

"Are you sure it wasn't the old man who died?"

"Of course I'm sure, what they killed was my grandfather. That's why I arranged all of this, Welas was also involved in the main, which made me very angry with his descendants."

"You said they were twins! So John Mose is also your grandfather!!" said Angela, staring in wonder at Dorista's thoughts.

"Ah, I won't admit a villain like him, you bastard!" Dorista cursed softly, anger blazing in her mind again.

"I'm going to infiltrate Jeremy's family!" continued Dorista.

"You're so reckless, are you sure?" Angela asked with a worried look on her face.

"Certain!" Dorista answered firmly.

"If he can be William Alexander, you can be Angela,
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