In the city of Yuzong, William took a helicopter to the hills of the city of Yuzong.

Because according to Afkar Savire, on Yuzong hill there is a helicopter landing, then they just use the car, it makes it easier for them to get to the wine villa, which is very large, magnificent and famous for luxury.

Unfortunately, no one knows the owner. William and Aluna Welas arrived at the gate of the wine villa first.

Their arrival was greeted by 2 gatekeepers and invited their car into the courtyard of the villa.

In the front yard, a fat and black man was waiting. William was a little surprised to see the man he knew so well.

"Don Lee," William whispered.

"You know him?" asked Aluna slowly. William nodded.

"John Mose's grandfather's right hand. It seems something is not right," said William.

Alana frowned. But the woman returned to focus, when their car was parked near the man who was standing.

William and Aluna Welas came out.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen," said Don Lee.

"Don Lee,
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