Chapter 67

John Mose chuckled, seeing the change in Aluna Welas's reddened skin.

"Why do you suddenly look like boiled shrimp?" sneered John Mose.

"Let go of my children, before you all die today," threatened Aluna Welas.

William repeatedly wiped his sweat, feeling the very hot air near Aluna.

John Mose laughed loudly. "I want to see you suffer and lose."

"Let go of the two kids!" the man then ordered.

"No...." Aluna Welas shouted. But they just let them go. As fast as lightning, Aluna ran and jumped from the balcony to catch her two children.

while William stiffened, shocked.

The woman jumped very fast, then hugged her two children and landed in a standing position right in front of Don Lee who was standing under the balcony.

"Shoot them!" said John Mose again. William took out his gun and shot the two men who had dropped his boy and girl.

Now Jhon Mose was left who was silent, when William's gun aimed at him. And, gunshots rang downstairs, so Don Lee's body was thrown up, hitting Jh
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