With great care, William took care of Aluna alone. Jeremy and Case, unwilling and not daring to meet his mother at this time.

The two children were still very shocked, when they saw another form of their mother.

"Mother incarnated as a monster," Case said, when Jeremy questioned why his mother had such red eyes and body all of a sudden.

"If Mother is a monster, then you are a child of a monster," said William who suddenly came from behind. The two nannies who took care of Jeremy and Case also paid their respects to William.

William simply responded with a smile, and asked them to remain relaxed, not tensed by his arrival.

"Father," the two children shouted, and together they ran towards him.

William hugged his children affectionately and kissed them both.

"Is today a good day for you?" He asked.

"No, Jeremy misses Mom!" Jeremy said. There was sadness on the boy's face.

"Ugh, Case doesn't want to see Mother, she doesn't look like our mother."

William frowned. "Says who?"

"I s
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