Chapter 9


“Do you mind unlocking the door?” Sophie yells from under the bar where she is quickly trying to repair some plumbing under the ice machine.

“Wrap it with duct tape,” I yell back at her as I flip the lock on the door. “It should hold for the night.”

The front door swings open and my Dark God graces the doorway. He gives me a small smirk as he brushes past me. “You will be waiting on me tonight,” his husky voice growls in my ear as he walks to his normal table in the corner.

“I work behind the bar,” I yell at him, setting my hands on my hips. “If you want me to serve you, you will have to come to me.”

His growl echoes through the bar at my response. Everyone else freezes in their place, except me. I turn and stick my tongue out at him and continue to behind the bar. Sophie jumps up and slams her head on the side of the bar and she immediately starts bleeding.

“Shit,” she says as she falls backwards onto her bottom.

“Soph!” I exclaim as I rush to her side, pushing a towel
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