Chapter 15


Laying on my back in my bed I look up at the ceiling and cannot help but smile thinking about the Little Vixen that is my mate. She is not what I expected my mate to be. Growing up I had dreamt of the mate bond, prayed for it even. I knew that my mate would be strong, confident, caring, and above a lady that would set a fine example for my kingdom. My Little Vixen is a lot of those things, but she is most certainly not a lady, or does not appear to be one on the outside. Tattoos of strange symbols cover her arms and back. Her long black hair is striped with different bright colors daily. Ella has no issues showing a little bit of skin and wearing tight clothing, showing off her voluptuous curves. She is not what I expected but deep down I know she is exactly what I need.

My life has not been carefree since... ever. Always being in the public eye, heir to the Lycan throne, I had to be on my best behavior. Sure I have taken many women into my bed over the years, but
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Oh don’t be angry… you did it to yourself! At least she didn’t go to the third base.

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