Chapter 54


I fall to the ground with a thud. My head is spinning as if I had too much to drink but I refuse to vomit in front of this witch. Pulling myself unsteadily to my feet I take in my surroundings. The room is impossibly dark, but my eyes adjust easily to the lack of light. I find myself standing in the center of a small cell. A small cot sits in one corner and a bucket in the other. Approaching the heavy bars on the door I reach out a finger to touch them and the sting of silver causes me to draw my finger back.

Hushed voices are echoing down the long corridor outside of my cell. “We did not ask you to bring just any Lycan, Lilith.” A woman’s hushed voice travels to my ears. “You were meant to bring the child.”

“The child is well protected,” Lilith’s voice rings out in return. “This one may be able to help us get to the child.”

“What makes you think that she will be so willing to turn on her own,” the first woman asks with curiosity.

“She wants the same thing that we
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