Chapter 84


*Two months later*

The paper hospital gown itches and crinkles against my skin as I fidget in my seat. No matter how I turn my body I cannot seem to get comfortable. Anxiety pulses through my chest as I wait for the doctor to come in. Erebus, on the other hand, is sitting calmly off to the side flipping through the pages of a pregnancy book.

“You aren’t nervous at all?” I growl at his relaxed demeaner.

Erebus shrugs his shoulders and continues to flip through the pages of the book in front of him. “You are getting bigger by the day and we both have felt it kick. What is there to be nervous over?”

“The fact that it could be human for one…” I pause as I realize what he just said. “What do you mean I am getting bigger by the day?” I can’t help the anger that is rising in my voice.

“You can’t possibly be angry with me for saying that you are getting bigger,” Erebus pinches the bridge of his nose in frustration. “You are pregnant. You are supposed to get bigger.”

Solange Daye

Once again. Sorry for the late update. So do we think that the pups will be human?

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Martha Kirkpatrick
One Lucan and one silver werewolf
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Ok so what happened to Talia?
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one witch & lycan

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