Chapter 7

While holding Ruhi's hand to walk forward, Shyla suddenly looked up to find Nolan in front of her. She was a little taken aback but soon she hid her surprise and continued walking calmly.

“What are you doing here?" Nolan asked.

Ruhi's face was full of indignation. "Do you know that Shyla……”

Shyla pulled at Ruhi's hand to stop her from continuing her sentence.

"I'm here to see Miss Turner."

Nolan curled his lips and asked sarcastically. "Are you that kind?"

"Yes, let's visit her since she has been staying here for half a month." Shyla's words were full of irony.

As Shyla followed Nolan into the ward, she quickly noticed that Ekta's face was pale and there was a tetanus injection on her forehead. Ekta lost some weight and did a lot of self-infliction. She had made a great effort to stir up the relationship between Shyla and Nolan.


As soon as the door opened, Ekta shouted happily.

When she saw Shyla, her face stiffened and she asked gloomily, "What are you doing here? Are you here to check if I am dying?"

Shyla didn't get angry. Instead, she walked in calmly. "I've come to check on Miss Turner's injuries. You've been here for half a month and haven't recovered at all. Nolan must have felt sorry for you."

Ekta's heart was filled with anger.  Nolan had been snatched away by her, but she could remain calm and indifferent.

This made her hate Shyla even more. “If you hadn't been jealous of me and monopolized Nolan, I wouldn't have been lying here for so long. Shyla, you're so vicious. There will be retribution on you sooner or later!"

Shyla laughed. Even if there were one, it would not be about her." Miss Turner, don't you have a guilty conscience about saying that? You've monopolized my husband for five years. It's quite stubborn of you to stay as a mistress for so long."

Ekta was so angry that her face turned red. Being mocked by Shyla made her even more self-righteous when she retaliated, "Back then, I was supposed to be married to Nolan. It was you who got in the way of forcing my mother to death. What right do you have to accuse me of being a mistress? You're the one who destroyed our relationship!"

"Really?" Shyla was frank, as she didn't do anything wrong. "If Nolan didn't forget me, do you think he would fall in love with you? Ekta, you've pretended to be me for five years and lived under my shadow. What right do you have to say that I'm the one who got in the way of your relationship with Nolan? If you didn't lie, he would never look at you seriously.

Her aggressive words irritated Ekta, causing her to stare at Shyla with bloodshot eyes. She had been pretending to be Shyla and monopolise five years of Nolan's life. As long as there were tricks up her sleeve, she was not afraid of anything and she deserved all of those.

"I'm pregnant," Shyla said. "It's Nolan's."

Ekta's pupils contracted and she started to scream in anger.

She picked up an item near her and threw it at Shyla. Fortunately, Shyla dodged quickly to avoid getting hit.

"Shyla, go to hell! You'll die a tragic death!" Ekta was completely hysterical.

Nolan heard the commotion in the ward and barged in immediately. Ekta was very agitated.

Seeing Nolan entering the ward, she cried, "Nolan, ask Shyla to leave. I don't want to see her. She is too cruel. I don't want to see her."

Nolan's expression changed drastically as he asked, "What did you do to Ekta?"

"I didn't do anything. I just told her that I was pregnant."

Her words caused an uproar, shocking Nolan greatly.

He did not expect that Shyla would be so calculative as to secretly get pregnant.

Grabbing Shyla's hand, Nolan said coldly, "Go out with me!"

Shyla followed Nolan calmly without panic, and her reaction irritated Nolan. Nolan didn't like Shyla playing tricks, especially getting pregnant right under his nose.

He asked in a low voice, "How did you get pregnant with my child? What did you do?"

Shyla covered her stomach. "I've said that I wanted a child, naturally I have a way to do so. Don't worry, I'll personally take care of myself before it's born. There's no need for you to worry at all."


Nolan roared out, staring at her with angry eyes.

"You didn't ask for my permission to have a child and suddenly you are pregnant. Do you intend to use the child to entrap me so that there is no divorce between us?”

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