Eva In Trouble

“Yes! I won!” Adrianna jumped excitedly as she had defeated her sister. Out of anger and desperation, Renata threw her sword aside angrily. 

A smile escaped Raphael’s lips as he watched in excitement. The Luna on the other hand was irritated and was upset at the fact that her last daughter defeated her first daughter and her husband was happy about it.

“She actually did well, something must be wrong somewhere” The Luna defended her daughter.

“Oh come on. You are the one spoiling this girl. If she could just be humble and ask her sister to train her more perhaps she would be better but pride would not let her and you are not helping her in any way with this attitude of yours. Do you expect me to hand over the legacy my ancient past leaders have built to Renata with this attitude of hers?”

“What do you mean? You know there is no one else who can succeed you better than Renata. What is the matter with you?” She questioned.

“A woman would not succeed me. Even if a woman would succeed me, I am sure Adrianna would be a better ruler. It has not happened and I would not be the first to make my daughter my heir because of my selfish interest. It is either she brings a groom or I give the position of my heir to any of my other daughters who gets married first even if it is Adrianna” He paused to ensure every word of his got into his wife’s ear.

“By the way, where is Eva? I have something to say to her” He questioned. 

“She must be indoors” The Luna answered quickly as she pondered on her husband’s words. Somehow, she had to make Renata the next Alpha.

“Call me Eva” He instructed the maid who stood by him, for his disposal.

“I am sorry your highness but she is not in” The maid bowed.

“What? Where is she?” The Luna asked quickly, after all, Eva was still her daughter.

“I had gone to have my breakfast this morning when I overheard her conversation with Mabel. It seemed like she went to the market together with Mabel” She confessed.

“What!” Raphael and the Luna stood up in shock. Her life could be in danger. Raphael was infuriated.

“Guards!” He called out in anger. Immediately, about four of the guards arrived, including the Chief guard.

“Who allowed Mabel out of the house?” He questioned as he tried to control his anger. Renata and Adrianna could sense trouble even from a distance so they hurried to their father and mother’s side.

“What is the matter?” Renata asked, breathing heavily.

“Have I not ordered you all not to let Eva out of the house no matter what?” He questioned.

“Yes, you did and we have never let her out. Only Mabel and three maids were at in the carriage. Eva was never there with her” The chief guard explained.

“What!” Raphael roared in anger.    

“When she told Mabel she wanted to leave with her, Mabel declined so I guess she went on her own, without Mabel’s consent” Another maid answered, bowing.

“Oh no, Eva might not be safe!” Renata cried out. Although she had always had issues with Eva, she still loved her, after all she was her sister. The same was with Adrianna.

“We have to find her. She is not safe” The Luna broke down. 

Alpha Raphael was dumbfounded. He could not imagine losing his daughter. He loved her too. Out of anger, he let out a loud shout.

Mabel turned to instruct Eva but she was gone. Her heart skipped three beats. Where was Eva? Where could she have gone? Mabel began to panic, she hoped her worst fears were not about to be fulfilled but unfortunately it was. Eva was nowhere to be found.

She began the search, asking people if they had seen Eva but they all nodded in the negative. Where was Eva? 

“Back off, what do you want from me?” Eva questioned as her heart began to race.

“Nothing much” One of them scoffed as the rest smiled and moved towards her.

“Get away from me, do not come near me. Do you know who I am?” She threatened, fear weakening her legs with each step she took backward.

“Oh, can you tell us who we are? We have no idea who you are” Another of the men mocked her.

“I am the second daughter of Alpha Raphael so stay away from me. If you take a step further, I will make sure my father cuts your head!” 

“What if we take two steps? Hmmm? What would you have your father do to us?”

Walking back in fear, Eva tripped and fell but before she could get up, they had already gotten to her. While one of the men held her, another gave her a deafening slap that sent her to the floor.

“We are selling you off, to a faraway land where you will never be seen!” They yelled at her and began to laugh. 

For a moment, she could not hear or see anything. She felt a warm liquid in her mouth. The liquid was thick. Throwing it out of her mouth, she realized it was blood.

Sell? Faraway? Away from family? No! 

Hurriedly, Eva tried to get up to run away. Standing up to leave, they grabbed her by her hair and laughed in mockery of her.  Eva screamed in pain but the men seemed to gain pleasure in what they were doing. 

Before Eva could say a word, they hit her in the face, throwing her off balance.

“You seem to have a lot of strength, don’t you?”  One of the men, who seemed to be the leader mocked her. Her vision was getting blurry. Eva could not move no more, she surrendered to them as she laid on the floor, closing her eyes slowly in surrender to defeat.

Ryan held his stomach. Somehow, he felt unsettled. He was not even listening to his friend’s conversation anymore. 

“Ryan, are you okay?” Andrew asked as he watched his friend.

“Of course, he is. He is definitely thinking of her. Renata” Randolf jested.

“Do not irritate me!” Ryan howled.

“Of course you know I am right. I know you are thinking of her” Randolf teased again and smiled. “Do not worry, I..” Before Randolf could complete his statement, Ryan placed a heavy fist on his face, surprising everyone.

“What is wrong with you, Ryan? What is the matter with you?”

“Stop the carriage” Ryan instructed as he placed his hand on his own chest.

“Ryan, what are…….”

“Stop the damn carriage!” He yelled as he was about to jump out. 

“Okay, hold on” Andrew quickly stopped the carriage, trying to understand what was going on. Ryan jumped off, running into the thick of the forest, his breath was becoming heavy. He was restless.  Not satisfied by his human speed, he quickly transformed into a wolf. He could not tell why but his wolf wanted to come out, he suddenly began to feel the attraction pull. He was not at peace. Letting out a loud growl as he went further towards the attraction that pulled him. Then he stopped.

He could not understand what was going on. He saw few men who were conversing. He was disappointed. Was his mate a guy? 

Mabel looked out more in confusion. What was she going to tell the Luna and the Alpha? Their celebration was just in few days. Was she going to return home to tell them she could not find their child? What exactly was she going to say? She searched the whole market but could not find Eva. She was in trouble.

Adrianna and Renata quickly transformed into their wolf form as they went in search of their sister. They could not let anything happen to her. They had promised to return home with her as they ensured their father stayed behind to watch over the park house to prevent their enemies from penetrating. No one could protect the park house other than the Alpha. It would be dangerous if they all leave the park house. It could be the motive of the enemy to get them out so they could strike and they were not going to allow that. They had to do everything possible to save their sister.

The Luna panicked in fear, she could not afford losing her daughter. 

The two sisters travelled through their market but could not find their sister neither could they find Mabel. They knew they were going to be at the neighboring market so without wasting their time, they went in search of them. 

Mabel had gathered the maids. They all confirmed they had not seen her. Immediately, Mabel dispersed them again in search of Eva. Walking a little further, she was shocked to see the princesses. They were not seen by people mostly in their wolf form therefore everyone knew something was wrong when they ran past them. 

“My…my… ladies” Mabel stammered. Fear was an understatement of how Mabel felt at that moment.

“Where is Eva? “ They asked in unison. Mabel burst into tears. The sisters looked at their selves in confusion. Why was she crying? Did something happen? 

“I cannot find her. I have been searching for her” Mabel cried as she explained, making sure to include every details of how they left and all other thing that happened. 

Renata and Adrianna looked at each other. They had to protect their sister. Adrianna tried to figure out something and fortunately, she did. She sighted one of Eva’s earring from a distance. Looking at it from a distance, she knew it was Eva’s.

Walking closer, she picked it up and of course, it was. The Luna had gifted it to her on her 16th birthday. The earring had once caused a lot of issue at a time as Renata had claimed it was a gift for her instead when their mother had gifted it to Eva. Adrianna looked up and then she sighted a path.

“Here!” She pointed at the path and turned to her sister and Mabel who were still at their initial position. The path seemed unclear yet they followed it closely.

Ryan was disappointed, annoyed and irritated. Did the moon goddess make a mistake? What was going on? Was it his mind playing games with him? He still felt the attraction. He felt the pull but decided not to follow it anymore. He had always dreamt of having a bride as beautiful as his mother and not a groom not as half as handsome as he was. 

Who was going to be the bride? He or his male mate? How was he going to have children? He had always loved and wanted children. He was broken and disappointed as he transformed back into his human form. 

He was disappointed but his wolf still seemed excited. He was about to turn to leave when his heart felt heavy again. He turned to look again and lo! He saw a figure on the floor with her hair spreading on the floor. He tried to get a closer look when he saw the men pull her up by her hair. He looked closely. It was a lady! He looked again to be sure and his confirmation was right. 

His body was itching. His wolf was longing. 

‘Leave her alone!” He yelled as he charged towards them.

“The prince?’ The men were shocked on sighting Ryan. Immediately, they threw her to the floor and ran away. He transformed into his wolf form as he charged towards them. He was about to run after them when he suddenly stopped at a spot. 

His body seemed to not go further as he heard her coughs. He stooped and walked towards her. 

“Please, save me” She called faintly. 

Ryan could not believe what was happening and within the twinkle of an eye, he was by her side. It felt like he was being controlled.

Ryan could not resist the urge to touch her. He raised her up to carry her but then, she fell back to the floor as she closed her eyes in surrender. 

The force with which she fell drew him back that he almost fell on her. He made sure to hold her head as he did not want her to hit her head on the floor. He looked at her as he admired every feature of her face. 

Even with the injuries on her face, she still looked beautifully.

“Mate” He growled, watching her face. Protection Status