Chap 88: This would be the bloodiest battle yet

The two children saw Azura's appearance; they screamed; their eyes were scared as if they were begging for help. Suddenly Azura saw two people lying motionless on the side of the road, bleeding profusely. She guessed it could be the parents of two children, and Alice killed them.

Azura tried to control her anger; she growled, "Let the two children go. They are innocent."

"Really?" Alice asked nonchalantly, then had a malicious smile on her face, "I find these kids useful again."

As soon as Alice finished speaking, she mercilessly bit the necks of the two children and sucked their blood to death.

"No. Alice. She is the devil." Azura roared angrily. Seeing this scene made her almost faint. She looked at Alice with a cold, indignant, contemptuous and disgusted gaze. Azura clenched the gun in her hand; she had to kill Alice. This time, Azura had to kill her himself no matter what.

Alice wiped the blood on the corner of her mouth; she felt the strength in her body grow stronger as she dran
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