Apologize for being clumsy

“Be careful!” 

Charlene was lost staring at him intently, when their bodies collided there was a strange feeling Charlene felt and she couldn't decipher it. She widened her eyes anxiously with her lips parted to say 'I'm sorry' 

When Richard noticed she was lost in his gray eyes, he sighed loudly. He had gotten used to something like that, he assisted her with her balance then cleared her throat. It jolted her out of her imaginary world. “What were you supposed to say for being clumsy?” He demanded struttingly. 

Charlene's spirit left her body at the moment, Richard had just proved her instinct right. She looked down at her feet then murmured. “I'm sorry,” She gnawed her lower lip as she forced the words out of her mouth.

Richard hardly heard what she said. He huffed and used a finger to lift her chin, he made her look at his face. “Look at me and apologize.” He ordered pompously.

“I-I'm sorry.” She stuttered then took a deep breath. She looked at his face, he wasn't smiling or frowning, he kept a straight face. Charlene was infuriated. She was disappointed and because she adored him, she wouldn't let him have the last word. She mustered courage before speaking. “Does it make you feel better now? Sorry? Oh. The last time I checked, our bodies collided. You bumped into me, I bumped into you so what are you supposed to say now?” She demanded hostilely.

The bodyguards standing behind Richard exchanged looks; did she know who Richard Sullivan was? 

Charlene looked determinedly. She didn't expect the man in the magazine to be that rude, she had always seen him as a perfect human being but she was going to change everything she thought about him. Richard was about to speak when his phone rang. A bodyguard came forward and whispered that his father wanted him to come down immediately. Charlene waited for him to apologize as she frowned her lips.

“I owe you no apology. It's not my fault you're clumsy, and if there's anything you should get mad at, definitely your heels.” He said apathetically. 

She felt a sharp pain in her heart, his words pierced her heart like a dagger and she couldn't hold on to her tears that threatened to fall. Richard showed no emotions, he pivoted and pranced back to the direction he had come from.

Charlene gripped her dress, looking furious as she watched him leaving. She wanted to cry but she comforted herself that he wasn't worth her tears. She lurched unsteadily, she looked at her feet and sighed disappointedly. She had twisted an ankle. “Ah. That ugly jerk.” She seethed. She bent to massage her ankle but it hurt. She groaned, closed her eyes while massaging it. She picked her purse and phone on the floor.

She moved the leg forward to feel if she could walk without limping. She staggered toward the elevator, she pressed a button and it slid open. She stepped in vaguely and the door closed. By the time she got down, she had lost interest in staying for the party. She saw people gathered, listening and looking at the person given a speech. She hissed loudly when she caught a glimpse of him. 

She was about to make a U-turn when she sighted Rowan standing all alone while pressing his phone. She toddled toward him. “Dad,” She called out in a low tone.

“Thank goodness. I was about to call you.” Rowan noticed she wasn't smiling, her bright face was gone. He lifted a brow at her. “What's the matter, Charlene?” 

“Nothing, dad. Are we not done here?” she spluttered.

Rowan was curious but seeing Charlene, he knew she wasn't going to tell him anything. “You want us to leave now?” He asked calmly.

“Yes. I'm even sleepy.” 

Rowan shrugged incuriously. “Then let's go home. But wait, what's wrong with you? Richard is over there, I thought you wanted to see him or even talk to him.”

She huffed irritatedly hearing his name. “Maybe I was intoxicated. Why would I want to see him? Dad, let's go home. I'm done here for tonight.” She said as she twisted her face disgustingly.

“Apparently something happened.” Rowan sighed. He gestured to her to walk with him, she slowly lurched making Rowan stop walking. “What happened to your leg?”

Charlene was trying not to recall the incident. “It's really nothing. I hit my leg against something hard. I'm okay.” She sputtered. 

“Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you tonight, Charlene?”

She was getting pissed off. She puffed air out from her mouth with her eyes closed for two seconds. “Dad, I'm having a headache right now. Please don't make it worse.” She said insolently. She lurched ahead of him while heading toward the exit. Rowan followed her. When they got outside, she didn't wait for the driver to open the car door, she opened it and hopped in. Rowan also joined her in the car. 

Throughout the long ride she never stopped cursing underneath with frustration. Rowan would look at her and whenever he tried to ask her about what had gone wrong, she would make a nonchalant gesture.

The luxury car pulled into the garage. Charlene alighted before Rowan, she limped inside the living room. She was surprised to meet Charles and Kathleen in the living room. “Hello, Charlene. You're back already?” She glanced at Charles, without saying anything she limped to the staircase.

“Charlene,” Kathleen called her name but she didn't stop.

Shortly Rowan came in. Kathleen arched her brow puzzlingly at him. “What's wrong with her?” She queried curiously.

“I don't really know. Maybe she's not in the mood tonight. You know the worst thing about Charlene is her awful mood swings. Just leave her alone and let her have enough space.” Rowan slumped beside his wife heavily. “I'm sleepy.”

Kathleen chuckled. Charles and Rowan looked at her. “My dress fits her perfectly, but she didn't ask for permission before stealing from my closet.” She said, laughing suddenly.

Rowan chortled as he rolled his eyes. “She borrowed it for tonight.”

“That dress… do you remember I was putting it on the day you proposed to me?”

“Of course I remember. I just remembered you were also wearing the same necklace you have on your neck right now.” Kathleen touched her neck and smiled brightly.

Charles found their conversation boring. He was worried about her, he thought she might need someone to talk to at the moment. He rose and they looked at him perplexingly.

“I'm going to my room.” He enunciated before they could ask.

“Should I give you a hand?” Kathleen had stood to help him to his room but Charles declined. He could walk unsteadily without falling. 

“You don't have to. Goodnight.” Kathleen gave him a kiss on his cheek and Rowan also did the same.

“Goodnight son. I'm pretty sure when she comes back to her sense she'll come down for her goodnight kisses.” Rowan referred to Charlene. Kathleen stood looking at him as he headed to the staircase. 

“Don't forget to take your medicines. I keep them on the nightstand for and if you ever need anything, call me or Flavia, okay?” 

Charles nodded as he ascended the stairs with his grip on the stairs railings. His room was facing Charlene, he walked over and planted a soft knock on it. “Go away, charles.” She yelled from inside.

“Just open this damn door before I break it.” He ordered sternly.

Charlene walked over and opened the door slowly. Her eyes were red, it seemed like she had been crying. Charles pushed the door and shuffled inside. He shuffled over to his bed and sat on it. He looked around the room, she had messed it up with papers. Charlene shutted her door and walked up to him. 

She had torn all the magazines, including pictures of him. “Did he hurt you?” Charles asked quietly.

Charlene's eyes welled up with tears while looking at him. She shook her head vigorously. “Charles, he's not who I thought he is. His friends are arrogant and Richard isn't any better.” 

“What happened to your leg?”

“I twisted my ankle when I bumped into him. We were both at fault, I apologized but he didn't. He's proud, grumpy and arrogant. His gut disgusts me.” She seethed while clenching her fists.

Charles laughed delightfully. “I know you're going to mess up. You couldn't give him what he deserved but here, you'll be scolding me like you're my mom.” 

Her lips clouded with a frown. “Are you crazy?” 

He shook his head negatively as he bit his lower lip to stop him from laughing. “You don't really have to do this. Clean up your room and let's talk about something that will make you forgive him.”

“Flavia will do it. I'm tired and I'm going crazy right now.” She pouted her lips which made Charles almost laugh again. “I wished I had strangled him back then.”

“But because you love him you couldn't do anything. Just forget about it as if it never happened. You don't expect him to be nice to you at your first meeting. Maybe he wasn't in a pleasant mood so don't judge him yet.”

“Did you say that to make me feel better?”

“To stop you from thinking crazy.” She moved closer and knocked him hard on his head.

“Ouch! Charlene!” He screamed her name.

“Respect your elder sister–” She grinned delightfully then sat before him. “So what are we talking about tonight?”

“Let me massage your ankle. It hurts right?”

“Not really–” 

“Get an ointment, I'll do it for you.” He said. Charlene didn't protest because she knew Charles wouldn't give up.

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