The Beginning of My Nightmare (3)

"I love you"

Empty words that I still want to hear from him.


After the night I told Solon to run away, we prepared all the things that we needed.

Everything was already planned and all we have to do is to leave.

It was midnight again and I was waiting for Solon at the back gate of the palace.

I managed to escape from the maids and to the guards all thanks to the badge he gave me.

We only have limited time and as I was waiting for him, I became more and more anxious.

"He's getting late..." I muttered.

I was starting to panic as the sun would start to rise anytime and the moment it does, all the things we prepared will go to waste.

"Amiya..." a voice from behind called me.

It was Solon.

I was about to run towards him when I saw a lot of palace guards rushing towards our direction.

My heart was beating fast as I grabbed Solon's hand so we could escape but he did not move... Not even an inch.

"Solon..." I called.

I wanted to ask him why he was doing this but I could not say anything as he said...

"I'm sorry... I love you...

But I love my family too..."

He let go of my hand as he watched me get dragged by the palace guards.

They brought me back to the Prince's room and locked me there.

The Prince went to see me after and he was extremely mad when he knew we -- no -- I was trying to run away.

"Do you really wish to die like this?" he asked.

I stayed silent.

"Solon told me that you ask him to run away. Isn't it funny how you trust that kind of man? Do you like him that much?" he said as he grabbed my face waiting for an answer.


"Still not answering? What does he have that I don't!? He threw you away! He told me about your plan! Why are you keeping your damn mouth shut when I asked you about him!?" he shouted as he grabbed my arms tightly.


So he was the one who told him about our plan to escape...

Even if I think a million of times, I still couldn't understand why he did that.

I trusted him...

I love him so I trusted him with everything...

I don't know where it went wrong...

"I'll make sure you regret thinking of running away...

Not a chance... Not with anyone.. Especially Solon..."

The Prince left with his eyes burning in anger.


The next day, while I was still locked up in that same room, a maid showed up and gave me letter.

It was sealed in a familiar blue envelope.

I couldn't help myself but to cry...

It was from Solon.

['Dear Amiya,

First of all, I wanted to deeply apologize for what I did. I know I don't have the right to ask for your forgiveness but I had no choice.

The day I came to meet you and the day you told me to run away, I met Yuan. He wanted to send me over the boarder to fight and die. I wanted to bid my goodbye to you but I couldn't.

The moment you told me that you love me... I will never be able to express how happy I was to hear it from you. I was clouded with joy that I forgot how heavy the consequences this feeling would bring us two.

On the day we planned to escape, Yuan ordered to kill my mother... My family... It turns out he was planning it after he sent me to the boarders. I admit... I became a coward...

I begged him not kill my family and told him about what we planned.

I love you...

I really do... I won't ask for your forgiveness anymore... I just hope you understand how I have no choice. I wanted to run away with you too, but I guess we have to part ways now.']

I was in a mess because of crying.

I don't think I can bear to read the last page but as I was about to throw it away, a familiar coin and necklace fell from the envelope.

It was the coin I gave to Solon and my mother's necklace.

My heart was beating so fast as I gather all my courage to read the last page...

['My dear daughter Amiya,

I love you with all of my heart... All I hope for you is to be happy and to live with no regrets.

Please keep my necklace as my last gift to my precious daughter that I treasure the most...

Live well my Amiya,

I'm sorry and again, I love you...


My heart was beating so much from crying...

My mother...

Why did she send me this letter just now...

I waited for so long to hear from her but why is she saying these things?

I was so confused...

I was tired physically and mentally that I did not even know I passed out.

The next thing I knew, when I opened my eyes, I saw the Prince. He was laying down beside me on the bed while watching me.

He smiled.

"How was my Queen?" he asked as he brushed some strands of my hair away from my face.

I stayed still.

"I have a surprise for you." He said as he gently helped my body to rise. I don't have the energy to move and he felt it so he carried me out and brought me to the balcony.

From there I saw two people standing in a stage with two guards. Their hands are both tied and their faces were covered.

Both of them looked beaten.

The Prince signaled to remove the cover from their faces and there it revealed my mother and a man I have never seen before.

"Say hi to your parents my Queen." the Prince said.

I was speechless... That was my mother and... My father?

"Your mother met your father during my father's birthday. He was such a nice and rich man...

My uncle... The King's brother..." he said.

I looked at him shocked.

Uncle!? Then... Wouldn't that make us cousins!?

I was scared at how disgusting he is...

How can he take interest with someone he was sharing the same blood with!

He then laughed at me.

"Why do you look so disgusted? Look at them." he said as he grabbed my face to see my parents.

"The King never knew that his brother was still alive.

And he will never know..." he said as he raised his hand.

As if it was a signal, the guard beside my father slit his throat.

I felt like my soul left my body...

I looked at my mother who was wailing beside my father's dead body.

The Prince was about to raise his hand again when I stopped him.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked while my tears kept falling.

He smiled.

"Marry me." he plainly said as if it was a simple thing to do.

I looked at my mother once again hoping that her life will be spared with my decision.

And there I said...



It was the day of the coronation as well as our wedding day...

All nobles gathered to witness such an eventful day.

There were lots of people celebrating and going inside and outside the palace.

"Long live to the new King and Queen of this Kingdom!" the priest said as he conclude the ceremony.

The Prince -- Yuan became the King and I became the so called Queen of the Celis Kingdom.

I looked at the people who attended the ceremony and there I saw a familiar figure...

He was wearing a hooded cloak as if he was trying to hide himself.

But I was sure...

It was Solon...

I couldn't help myself but to cry the moment I saw him from the crowd.

I missed him...

Even if he betrayed me, I still missed him...


I was about to call him when Yuan grabbed my arms signaling me to go with him.

He seems to notice Solon from afar as well which made him burst out of anger.

He locked me in our room and left with a grim on his face.

I was scared...

Scared of what he might do to Solon.

Hours went by and I still didn't hear anything...

From Yuan, the guards or even the maids...

There was nothing.

I was hopeless...


Someone called from the balcony.

My heart was beating so fast as I turn around to see Solon.

He was completely fine. But...

He looked so sad... And wrathful...

He walked towards my direction and I ran into his arms to welcome him.

I hugged him tightly as I cried.

"Solon... I'm glad that you're okay... I thought he killed you." I said while still hugging him.

Solon lets me face him while still hugging me.

"I missed you Amiya...

I love you..." he said as he kissed me.

I was surprised and glad as the same time.

It was the first time that I heard it directly from him.

It was like the happiest moment of my life and I couldn't ask for more.

However as I was savoring the moment I felt something from Solon's hand...

I broke the kiss to look at his hand and there I saw blood.

I was so shocked that I had to push him away.

"W-what happened?" I asked trying to keep my distance to him.

He looked as his hands and calmly said...

"I... killed someone..."

He looked at me with his dull eyes as he slowly approached me.

He killed someone?


"Because I had to..."

He smiled coldly as he grabbed my hand to pull me into a hug.

There was a moment of silence...

Then I felt pain... It was slowly devouring me...

"I killed your mother..." Solon whispered.

My tears just kept falling as I lost my strength.

Solon held he in his arms without drawing out the knife that he used to stab me.

He came to kill me too...

That was all I could think of.

He started crying his heart out...

"I'm so sorry!" he said as if he regretted what he did.

I was starting to lose my consciousness.

I couldn't think of anything else an now, instead of pain, all I feel was hatred...

"I loved you... How could you do this..." I tried my best to tell him.

"I... hope... You remember what you did... to me... Please be miserable...

Next time... I will not love you anymore..." I said as I took my last breath in the arms of the man I loved the most.

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