Chapter 1

The bus is moving so fast that Olivia's hair are blocking my sight. I couldn't blame the driver though. The bus stop on Burien's house 1 hour earlier but we drove off 30 minutes after.

If I were the driver, I would not wait for an adult being late just because her foundation is not done yet. But being the mayor's daughter is a great privilege to have. You can crash someone's car and not get jailed. How I wish I could have that father or just an existing father. Sadly, I didn't get lucky to have one.

"Did you watch the premiere of the Euphoria last night?" Olivia said in the middle of my day dreaming. She's holding and tying up her hair in a bun. Thanks god, I almost ate all of her hair. 

"No. I'm doing our homework"

She slowly turned her head with her shocked expression. She then put her hand on her face and wipe her eyes going down. 

"Shit. We have homework? I didn't even know.. "

I turned to her and fix the strangled hair on her ear. Olivia always have that sweet face. I'm always jealous by her curly eyelashes and big eyes. It always the mix who have the unique features. She inherit most of her indian mom's feature except for her blonde' hair and fair skin. 

Compared to mine, my mom is a Latina and my dad according to my other dad's description is also a latino. But I don't inherit anything to my mom. My dad, I don't know. I never seen him. No pictures nor any trace. But... If I have... I will - 

"Yup" I assured her.

"But don't worry. I already made yours" 

"i love you" she said and kiss my cheeks. I laugh and wipe it.

The bus suddenly stop and we push on the front. The sound of the door opens. Maybe another student. 

"Hi, Ladies!" 

A familar voice echoed the bus. 

We both turned and there's Cole going to our direction. He's staring at us so I assumed he's also talking to us. His hair gotten long. As I recount, we only not seen each other for almost a month because of the Thanksgiving holiday but his hair grew really fast. I wonder if he used any kind of hair products. 

He's wearing stripe shirt and rip jeans. He put his bag on the front. 

"Tsk... You didn't change at all. You're still ugly" 

Olivia disgustingly look at Cole. Cole gave him a sharp glare. 

"thank you. I was trying to look like you all this time" 

Olivia almost kick him but thankfully Cole immediately sit. He gave Olivia a tounge.

"Looking gorgeous, Maya" 

He added. I smiled and wink at him. 

"You too, Cole"

It's not new to us to joke around and piss each other off. We known each other since high school and we met everyday at school. But the difference that we hold compared to other students, we are friends but we are not closed. We fight like friends, talk like friends, eat like friends but we don't usually hang out outside the campus and shared our secret. They are cool tp hang out with but because of our different schedules, we aren't able to know each other that much. 

On Cole's back. There's Shawn, as usual looking like a walking statue. A real life emotionless statue. He's looking at me with that unemotional eyes always. I don't know if he's happy that he will see me again after our long, long debate last month or not. I'm pretty sure not... I cursed him in the stadium and he heard me. I hope he will forgive me for that. I was just driven by my emotion because of his debating defense. It's frustrating 'cause he trap me in a topic where I didn't even know. 

"Hi, Shawn" Olivia greeted and wave her hand. 

He looks at her and then ignore. Always.

Olivia' s smile slowly fade and cursed Shawn in her head. She slowly put her hands down. Olivia never learns. Shawn always ignore everybody except for me... Well, sometimes but not occasionally. If I ask him, he' ll answer. What am I thinking... Of course, he will answer because I ask. We've been rival in academic and I think he'll want to know my weakness. I think so. 

He put his bag in the front. He is wearing plain black shirt and a jean. His usual white sneaker and hat always steal the show. He then sit besides Cole. 

The bus continue to move. Girls on every sit keeps looking at him. A magnet guy to every thirst girls. Burien didn't even blink and keep smiling at our direction.

Shawn should give her a chance. Burien keeps hitting on Shawn since high school and they even got into a rumor that they kissed each other in men's lockroom. Burien didn't deny it but Shawn didn't even care about that issue so I think it's true. Besides, it's not his loss if he will date her. The Mayor's daughter, the queen bee, it girl, the privilege that you could have is limitless.. . How I wish I could close to her though but Burien hates me. Since high school, she always hates me. I don't know why, but she just don't like me and spread fake rumors about my family. 

The bus stop in front of our school. Olivia stands first and I followed. We gotten off first before Cole and Shawn. We didn't see them getting off. I'm sure they are at the gym already. The basketball team are busy these days. There will be upcoming game for them and the Pendle High. 

Judging from the upcoming game, there will be 50% chance that our school will win. Imagine the Pendle high's power. They are the true monster in the court. Only Shawn, Cole, Petah, Kyle and Ben are good at playing in their team but Kyle and Shawn aren't in good terms so there will be no teamwork that will cause their team to lose. 


"Miss Nina, I really want to be in the play" 

I hold our teacher's hand in Literature and beg for her to include me. The play that she chooses to be played these upcoming theater's play is pride and prejudice. I love that novel and movie. Imagine if I were the main character. Argh!...just imagining myself in that play, I will nailed the accent. 

"No, Maya. You joined 5 plays every year. Your co-students already nagging about you." 

He took off her eyeglasses and stares at me. 

"But, but" 

"No, but."

I sit on the floor and stares at her. My teary eyes won't stop unless you'll took me in. 

"Maya, please gave a chance to other..." 

And who'll gonna fit for the main role? No one is good at that except for me. 

"But Miss, who'll gonna nailed that character. I don't see anyone can be fit in that role except for myself" 

I keep insisting. 

"There's a new transferee student from Coln High, she audition for it and she gets it" 

Coln High? Is she a drop out or got kicked. Coln high is a very high class university and only elites can get in to that. Maybe a kick out. 

I exhale sadly and pick the book on Ms. Addington's table. I prepare myself for the play and now I don't have anything to join. Not even a single one. It's always fu ll or they don't want me to. Maybe, i just gonna apply for the arts or the baking. 

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